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India attracts millions of travelers to visit this beautiful country for their different activities like business trip, vacation solo trip, family occasion trip and other reason. India is one of the favorite travel destination for travelers. Still, some areas are unsafe for single women who travels in the country.  Here are the best tips and guide on safety tips for solo women traveler in India.

  1. Dressing modestly is also considered respectful in India for both men and women, so avoid sleeveless tops, shorts, miniskirts (ankle-length skirts are best) and anything skimpy, see-through or tight. A dupatta (long scarf) can be worn over T-shirts or anything, really and helps deflect attention. In a UN Women survey of women, girls, men and boys in Delhi, 75% of the men and boys agreed with the statement ‘women provoke men by the way they dress’.

  1. Wear a T-shirt and long shorts over a bathing suit when swimming, following local custom.

  1. When traveling by overnight train, choose an upper berth to avoid prospective gropers and have more privacy.

  1. Avoid eye contact and chit-chat with unknown men,  both can be misinterpreted.

  1. Ride in women’s cars on trains, where they exist, and try to book seats near the front of long-distance buses. Sit next to other women when possible.

  1. Avoid public transportation at night, and never ride in empty buses or trains at night.

  1. Use taxis with call services at night; don’t flag them down in the street, especially if you’re alone.


  1. Wear sunglasses because people will stare at you, no matter what.

  1. If you are travelling in any public or private transportation system in India then you should avoid eating anything.
  2. 10.  Women traveling alone in India must keep in mind that she should not walk alone during night time in those  areas where crowd is less. It is very risky.
  3. 11.  Sometime it will be very much risky if person didn’t having good thoughts in his/her mind. So, it is good to avoid to visit unknown people’ house alone.
  4. 12.  Avoid body contact with any stranger person. Even avoid hugs and shake hand with stranger people. It will                    ensure your security more because rape is fastest growing crime in India as reported by Hindustan Times. It is also most advisable to use ‘Namaste’ way to greet strangers during your journey.
  5. Travel through Public Transport will provide you safe journey because lots of people are there to help you if  anything bad or worst happened. But Avoid public transportation at night, and never ride in empty buses or  trains at night.

– Pratiksha Trivedi

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