Top 5 Reasonably Absurd Possibilities Of Missing Malaysia Airline MH370


Malaysia Airline MH370


Several theories/possibilities ruled out on disappearance of Malaysian flight.

There are certain reasonable as well as absurd possibilities ruled out on disappearance of Malaysian flight Mh370/458949-2.

Malaysia Airline MH370

Theory no.1 – Hostile pilot action

Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53, has been flying for Malaysia Airlines since 1981 and co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid, 27, who just started flying a 777. The pilots have been suspected because several key communication and tracking devices in the cockpit were disabled – at different times. Vietnamese controllers were never contacted and the transponder shut off. The plane was diverted and then kept flying for up to seven hours.

Malaysia Airline MH370

Theory no. 2 – Plane getting hijacked by terrorists

This theory was ruled out after it was discovered that two Iranians on board – one 18, the other 28 – were traveling on stolen passports. Investigators haven’t found any linking of these two to any terror groups; it is believed they were trying to illegally immigrate to Europe. After the 9 /11 attacks any unauthorized person is prohibited to enter the cockpit and the cockpit door have been reinforced and procedures been put in place so that any unauthorized person wouldn’t get access to cockpit.

Malaysia Airline MH370

Theory no.3 – Fire

An electrical fire, or perhaps a fire from hazardous cargo, could have damaged communications equipment and prevented crew members and passengers from calling for help. Investigators  have ruled out a possibility  that smoke incapacitated the pilot but flight attendants and passengers would have had time to try to enter the cockpit and take control of the plane.

Malaysia Airline MH370

Theory no.4 – Hidden Plane

It’s possible that somebody landed the plane at some remote airport and is hiding it from the world. Maybe they want to hold the passengers hostage, although nobody has taken responsibility or asked a ransom. Maybe terrorists have the plane and plan to load it with jet fuel and explosives and use it as  missile in the future. A very skilled pilot would have to land the plane at a small airport that normally doesn’t accommodate 777s. They might have had to land in the dark, without normal navigation which would help them in landing. And they would have to dodge several nations’ radar systems, Yet it’s hard to rule out anything.

Malaysia Airline MH370

Theory no. 5 – Decompression

A slow or sudden decompression, causing a loss of oxygen, could have killed everyone on board. If oxygen levels dropped, a loud, automated warning would have alerted the pilots to put on their oxygen masks and immediately descend below 10,000 feet, where there is enough oxygen to breathe without aid. But aviation experts in that case says, the plane should have kept flying automatically toward Beijing and been visible on radar.

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