Top 11 Forex Quotation Questions You Need To Solve




Q.1) EUR USD 1.5150/1.5280                                                                                                         

Calculate Mid Rate, Spread and % Spread.

(Ans: Mid Rate EUR USD 1.5215; Spread USD 0.0130 and % Spread = 0.85%)


Q.2) AUD USD 0.8940 Mid Rate                                                                                      

USD 0.0250 Spread

Calculate Bid / Ask Rate.

(Ans: AUD USD 0.8815/0.9065)


Q.3) USD EUR 0.7750 / 80


(Ans: EUR USD 1.2853/1.2903)


Q.4) Study following quotes:

GBP INR 75 and SGD INR 26.52

What is GBP SGD rate?

(Ans: GBP SGD 2.8281)


Q.5) From the following rates, find out AED INR Rate:                                                       

USD INR 47.9710 / 48.0101

USD AED 3.6701 / 6859.

(Ans: AED INR 13.0147 – 13.0814)


Q.6) Quotation for Pound Sterling in Indian Rupees is GBP INR 68.87/70.24. Calculate percentage spread.

(Ans: Percentage Spread 1.950%)


Q.7) From the following rates, find out JPY INR Rate: [Note: Switzerland Franks denoted as CHF]

CHF INR 32.7730 / 32.7750

CHF JPY 83.5540 / 83.5600

(Ans: JPY INR 0.3922/0.3923)


Q.8) Study following quotes:

EUR INR 47.95 and AED INR 12.93 [AED is Arab Emirates Dirham].What is EUR AED rate?

(Ans: EUR AED 2.8281)


Q.9) Consider the following quotes:                                                                                   

Spot (Euro/Pound) = 1.6543/1.6557

Spot (Pound/NZ $) = 0.2786/0.2800

i.   Calculate the percentage spread on the Euro/Pound rate.

ii.   Calculate the percentage spread on the Pound/NZ $ rate.

iii.   The maximum possible percentage spread on the cross rate between the Euro and the NZ $.

(Ans:   (i) % Spread (Euro/Pound) 0.0846%

(ii)      % Spread (Pound/NZ $) 0.50%

(iii)    % Spread 0.5846 (Thus, maximum % spread is addition of two spreads).


Q.10) The following quote is given.                                                                                    

USD 1 = CAD 1.1630/50.

Identify the country in which this is a direct quote.

Find the mid rate, spread and the spread percentage.

Calculate the inverse quote.                                                                           

(Ans:   Direct quote in CAD i.e. in Canada.

            Mid Rate 1.1640

            % Spread 0.17%

            Inverse quote is CAD 1 = USD 0.8584/0.8598)


Q.11) The following quote is given in New York:                                                       

EUR 1 = USD 1.2596 / 1.2620

Is it a direct or indirect quote?

Find the mid rate, spread and the % spread. Calculate inverse quote.

(Ans:   It is direct quote

            Mid Rate 1.2608

            Spread 0.0024

            % Spread 0.19%

Inverse quote is USD 1 = EUR 0.7924/0.7939)

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