Wanna study HR and climb the career ladder into a management role? Wanna become a niche specialist? Do you know HR job is the best job due to the job satisfaction, career potential, variety, freedom, monetary compensation?

Here we present Top 10 Careers in Human Resource Management (HR):


1) Human Resources Manager:

HR managers get the benefit of personal interaction, help employees directly, coordinate and plan HR activities, recruit candidates, solve labor disputes and have a direct influence on the employees of the company. 


2) Nonprofit Human Resources Expert:

He / she could be a recruiter, a human resources manager, human resources executive or any other professional operating within the nonprofit field. HR professional works to create a positive impact on the world around in the fields of health, education, arts, preserving cultures etc. 


3) HR Consultant:

He /she specialize in many fields including benefits, employee incentives, reward programs, employee motivation, retirement plans etc. HR consultant gets to choose whom he or she works with and when that work is completed, how much to charge depends on the HR consultant. 


4) International Human Resources Professional:

It involves recruiting candidates into global positions, training and development standards across an international organization, implementing benefits plans as national laws allow, labor relations, employee programs and many more. It involves the same tasks that a national human resource professional might engage in but with a mix of cultures, languages and locations.


5) Chief HR Officer or Vice President of Human Resources:

This position requires the individual to devise an HR strategy for the company including policies, systems and goals. It requires 10-20 years worth of experience and a proven track record of HR successes to attain this position. It is the most promising senior-most well paying career.


6) Training & Development Manager:

He / She helps employees to improve their skills sets and careers. It is done by training employees in specially-held classes, workshops, conferences and other kinds of gathering. Training and development managers are sometimes in charge of designing the most effective coursework for employees. 


7) Employee Education Consultant:

He / She does similar tasks as Training and Development Managers but they conduct workshops, classes and conferences aimed at improving employees’ skill sets and knowledge. There is no full-time commitment in the job and companies hire them on a contract or retainer basis to advance employee skills.


8) HR Entrepreneur:

HR professionals can launch a successful HR company and find a stable of clients. The professional must be excellent with people, have a killer work ethic and high risk tolerance. This path is promising as many companies these days outsource their HR functions.


9) Executive Recruiter:

This position is one of the most lucrative ways to make friends. They generally get paid on retainers or paid in full after they have filled a position. They want to build such solid relationships with companies that when an opening occurs, those companies should call them first and launch their executive search. 


10) Human Resources IT Specialist:

HR IT Specialists could be software developers, systems administrators, IT architects, or have another level of technical expertise that can be applied to a company’s human resources systems which can include calendars, databases, payroll systems and the like. This career option is the most sought-after and highly paid job.

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