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We enjoy our life to the core every passing year which is a good thing. But as we grow our likes, interest and habits keep changing every period of growing there is something different in us.

Like till the age of twelve our life revolves around playing and studying, mostly we think about is playing. We think every moment how to playa and what to play which new game and so on. Then we enter our teens and now our interest shifts totally from playing. Now we know more want to play some of us become more studious, some of us get attracted to opposite sex while now you can even the same sex (laughs) .there is a lot of physical and hormonal changes that we undergo each growing year. Many of us fall into wrong doings but our parents are always there to correct us and lead us the right path. But how long till our schools and colleges we have the protection and concern for all those who care for us.

This protection doesn’t remain long after turning twenty we all have to face the world alone, wherein now it is the time to prove ourselves and our parents’ teachings. It is the time wherein we ourselves got to judge the difference between right and wrong. At the same time you yourself got to save yourself too…

So what are the things we should do once we turn 20…?

  1. Firstly we got to become responsible and learn to take up responsibilities as it is the time wherein you have to be all by yourself.
  2. You got to give up your kiddies’ behavior as now you are twenty and no one is going to take your behavior instead you will be hacked off everywhere
  3. You got to stand for right wherever required. Remember nobody is there to back you always so learn to stand for what is needed due to which you will also be recognized as an individual
  4. Learn to stand for yourself
  5. In 20s we make many serious decisions(marriage, career, job) and therefore you got take all your decisions critically analyzing the pros and cons
  6. It is the time wherein you take life more seriously and stop being casual about everything.ins short give up the ‘chalta hain’ attitude. You are no more kids and hence there will not be teachers and parents constantly behind you.
  7. Stop being afraid


These are things that are most important that one got to learn and practice when you turn 20. It is the time you turn into adults so as you enjoyed your teenage also enjoy adulthood but naturally and wisely.

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