More Than Friends - Less Than Lovers 1


This topic is definitely an interesting topic to write about. All the boys out there, I am sure you must have met at least one girl saying to you that “you are a special friend of mine”. And girls, even you must have met at least one boy saying “you are really close to me, my friend”. But why do we use this statement?

Today, this statement surely gives a comfortable zone to be with. This statement has two phases, one where the X truly considers Y as a friend who is close enough to disclose any of the secrets. Both the people need not be of same sex. Even opposite sex can also be besties. On the other hand, X likes Y. Wants to spend quality time with her and also be close to her. But also don’t want to give any commitment. In this situation, this statement is a shield.

More Than Friends - Less Than Lovers 2

Now-a-days, this category is gaining popularity. Usually this category is for friends of opposite sex. Here the question arises….can these besties stay as besties forever. There is a minor difference between besties and lovers. It will not take time to cross the line. People within the category of more than a friend but less than a lover, rely upon each other completely. They know each other too well. Sometimes, this creates a false impression that they are in love each other. This need not be true.

People always have a different attitude towards friends and a different one towards a lover. They no longer appear to be the same one as they were. Lot of times this leads to dissatisfaction and sometimes a bad break up. Ultimately, they end up losing a friend as well as a lover. Its effect will not stop with break up. People will develop disbelief towards relationships, friendships, and love. If the person is strong, he/she will come over those feelings soon otherwise, it will always stay within their heart and become a barrier. They will not be able to feel again or let me put it in this way, they will be scared.

I must stay, this category can give you immense pleasure but at the same time it is risky and can give you immense pain, if the line is not maintained.


– Aishwarya J


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