The Feeling Of Falling In Love



The feeling of falling in love is something different especially when you are completely unaware of what it is like to fall in love. Love is not just a word or an emotion. It is much deeper and much more true. The first time you think you are in love you actually don’t know you are in love. Well how do you fall in love? Do you know that it is love? Love is a different feeling. A feeling that you can’t deny nor can you accept. It is a feeling that you cannot to totally understand. Everything seems new to you. You are trying to take your baby steps to this feeling that is really new.

It all starts with a friend requesting. Someone you seen on Facebook and you cannot resist from sending the add friend button. You wait for that person to accept your friendship. You wait for two days and finally that moment when he accepts your friend request. Your heart beats twice as fast as what it was beating the first time you viewed his picture. It’s that moment when you send him your 1st message and trying to break the ice you say hi.

When you see him go offline you get so disappointed. Suddenly your eyes go and you see him come online. Your heart just skipped a beat. For you at that moment your world seemed complete. All you could feel is you and him alone. You don’t give a damn about the world. When you see him typing. For you happiness is seen him come online and from online to typing. That very moment you wonder what would he reply. As slowly you go ahead and become friends you feel more for that person.

You start to stalk that person all together. You keep a track of every picture every update and you want to keep chatting all the more. You want more and more of him each time you see him. Slowly and gradually your friendship increases and then you start to get even more addicted to him. He tells you he doesn’t have a girlfriend. Then you know you may have a chance since he’s single and fortunately you both are of the same religion. That’s like an icing on the cake. You start to dream of being his girlfriend. While he doesn’t even know you think of all this. Slowly you start opening up to him and tell him that there is a guy who you like. And you want him to ask you who’s the lucky man and all you say is someone very special. You indirectly tell him what you feel for him. He gets all the more and you start giving him hints. Now he’s got your hint but does not really tell you that he knows it.

Once a man knows what you feel for him he tries to control you and get reactions out of you. You know what makes him happy and what doesn’t. You do just the right things and make him know how much you like him. Once you both accept and agree to get into a relationship, you seem to be on top of the world. You very well know you have found someone whom you liked and love and you will strive hard to keep him happy. He wasn’t an easy catch for you thought :-p.

There starts your dating period as you chat online with him you realised he isn’t in the same town as yours. He was studying in Bangalore and you had to adjust with that. Long distance relationships are really hard to manage. But since it’s your first time you let it go you trust him more than your life and you know he will never do anything wrong and he will come back for you. Distance brings the heart closer than being together. That’s exactly what happened. You would talk to him over a call and just be feeling him by your side slowly and gradually your bond of friendship and like turned into true love. Your very first love and that too a long distance relationship.

A very rare combination of first love and long distance relationship. He gives you good news that he is coming back and you can meet them once he comes back. When he talks to you he tells you that he misses you and he wishes you would be there by his side. He told that whenever he looks at others holding their girlfriends hands he missed your hands in his. The spaces between his fingers are empty right where yours fit perfectly. You feel so nice to hear such romantic and lovely words he tells you when he comes back he wants to hold your hand draw you close and seal it with a kiss.

It is then that moment where you meet after 7 months of a long distance relationship he takes you to his house and shows you around. He wants to give you a hug but he thinks you may not like it and it’s that moment when you gather the courage and hold his hands and demand a hug. That aawwwww moment when he holds you so tight and your heart is beating so fast. You get that feeling of melting into his arms. You are all lost totally into a different world. While you hold him tighter and he can hear your heart beating and can hear you breathe. He tries to relax you and you don’t want to let go off him. You have now felt the most amazing feeling of love and that is your very first hug with your very first boyfriend and your first love. It all seems like a dream. You feel his arms are the most secure place in this world and you never want to let go off him and that beautiful feeling of love and affection. That’s how it all starts and how it feels.

  • Carren bryne.
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We, at, believe in sharing knowledge and giving quality information to our BMS students. We are here to provide and update you with every details required by you BMSites! If you want to join us, please mail to


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