The Era Of Smartphones



A smartphone has many features that are unknown to most of us! One of the first basic features of a smart phone known to us is that it has the ability to not only make and receive phone calls, text messages, and voicemail, but that it also had the ability to access the Internet. Most smart phones have a built-in browser, which is proprietary to the maker of the phone. Another basic feature of smart phones is the ability to access digital media. This means that the user can load music, video, and pictures onto their phone and be able to enjoy all of their media while on the go. Digital media devices have been around for many years, but with smart phones incorporating the functions of these devices, users now have less items to carry around, less expense to invest in technology, and more convenience by being able to access, share, and utilize their digital media all from one easy-to-use interface. Almost every smart phone on the market has the ability to access digital media files. One of the biggest features of smart phones is their ability to make use of small computer programs called apps. These applications can perform a wide variety of functions for the user. Everything from looking up sport scores to displaying animated cartoons for key functions can be carried out with the use of apps. Almost all smart phones have the ability to access a repository of thousands of apps making the functionality of smart phones almost limitless.

Smartphones have made it possible for us to ease our lives by using the features it provides us. The availability of different applications (apps) helps us to communicate with the person sitting in the other end of the world, converting video files to audio, cropping an audio and making it into a ringtone, editing pictures, watching the shows airing on TV the very same time, ordering food, clothes, and what not using the online shopping apps, etc. All these functions have become a part of our lives a day without it would be an unforgettable attempt towards an adventurous day!

Smartphones have made our lives easier. The days have passed where parents would shout at their children for spending long hours in playing outside the house now the trend has changed and parents have to keep a watch on the time their children spend with the smartphone!

Everything has its pros and cons but if we use everything in a limited manner it will only provide us with benefits and we wouldn’t have to face the cons!

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Afifa Qureshi