SHIMGA FESTIVAL – Traditional Celebration Before Holi


SHIMGA FESTIVAL-Traditional Celebration Before Holi

Shimga is one of the popular festivals in maharashtra. It is mainly celebrated in the state of Goa with great enthusiasm and fanfare. The festival is mainly the Goa interpretation of Holi and is celebrated by all people irrespective of age, caste and creed. Shimga is celebrated in the period between the months of February and March before the holi celebration.
Shimga is also known as Shimgatsav and is held for 5 days. It is the festival of colors and is celebrated in villages. The festival corresponds with the festival of Holi in the rest of India.
The day of the Shimga Festival is celebrated with widespread enjoyment and fanfare. People enjoy to the fullest by throwing colored powder and water at each other all over the day. The colors are made of natural products like Neem, Kumkum, Haldi and herbal recipes which are considered to have a medicinal effect on the diseases like viral fever and cold etc. Shimga also supports to keep environment pollution free.
The day of the Shimga festival is also marked by wide spread processions and carnivals. On this occasion villagers take the charge to enjoy the festival by dancing on street by wearing traditional dresses.
In most parts of rural Goa, the Shimga festival is even held for 14 days. People decorate their houses with paintings and also make various floral designs on the entrance of their homes. Family members, friends and relatives exchange greetings and gifts between each other.
Well nowadays coz of standardize lifestyle, shimga festival is about to vanish from festival list but there are some konkan villages who still believes in traditional things and because of them shimga is still running.
Last year when I was in FY.BMS I visited my native place raygad before holi period. in nights My grand ma said me “ you are lucky one, who is going to experience shimga festival” I was surprised coz I didn’t heard this festival before. When we reached at dhabadi (unique place of villagers to celebrate shimga) I saw some awesome scene of my village. Dhabadi was up on hill so when I saw the outlook of my village it was just awesome because the village was shining in greenery like beautiful women in golden saree .
On that occasion I really enjoyed allot with villagers in various ways like dancing the native dance, some drawings, various competitions and the special was shimga drama. It was nice experience for me in my village. I felt bad because last year I didn’t got camera to click some photographs but now I got my camera but didn’t find the amazing opportunity to connect with my villagers in shimga festival
U know some times life will look more beautiful with old touch. Coz olden traditions plays very vital role in our life, we are celebrating Holi, Diwali, Dashera, Dahihandi festivals just to spread happiness around us, so don’t forget our culture and tradition it’s our one of the main property.
the celebration of holi

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