Sales and Distribution Management


Unit 1

  1. What is the role of sales department
  2. Elaborate the interface of sales with other departments
  3. Elaborate the functions of a sales manager
  4. What are the qualities of sales manager
  5. Explain the various structures of a sales organisation
  6. Elaborate the role of distribution
  7. How is sales different from marketing

Unit 2

  1. Mention the need of market analysis
  2. What are the methods of sales forecasting
  3. What is a sales quota and what are the different types of sales quota
  4. What are the factors determining the fixation of sales quota
  5. What are the reasons for setting up sales territories
  6. Elaborate the process of selling
  7. How to close a sale
  8. What are the reasons that a sales call can be unsuccessful
  9. Explain some theories of sales
  10. What are the selling skills
  11. What are various selling strategies
  12. What are the various types of salesmen
  13. What are the essentials of effective selling
  14. What are the major international sales decision


Unit 3

  1. What are the needs of channel management
  2. What are the functions performed by wholesalers/ distributors
  3. What are the factors affecting the choice of distribution channel
  4. What are the various distribution strategies
  5. What are the types and reasons of channel conflict
  6. Elaborate the Kenneth Thomas styles of conflict resolution
  7. How to select channel partners
  8. What are the instruments of channel control

Unit 4

  1. What are the methods of sales evaluation and control
  2. What is sales management audit
  3. How to evaluate the performance of sales channel
  4. Elaborate the role of ethics in sales
  5. What are the new trends in sales and distribution management


Text books recommended

  1. Sheth Publications:- Nagpal,Sharma, Kukreja

For any further clarifications, please feel free to contact Prof Vipin Saboo. You can whatsapp him on 9820779873.

Source:- Vipin Saboo Tutorials

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