People might not be knowing about this place! But let me tell you it is the most beautiful tourist destination in Oman. Nowadays you might be reading in newspapers about Oman tourism because they have attracted many by their infrastructure.


Salalah being the second largest city in the Sultanate of Oman. In India there is Democracy  and Politics, Oman is totally different there they follow the Kingship. The King Sultan Qaboos is well known for the development and changes in the Sultanate of Oman.

The city has a hot desert climate. Salalah is very cloudy during the monsoons .

Arabic is the official language and the most spoken one.20% of the population is Indian.

The most popular sport played among the youth is by far football.Lulu Shopping Centre is the best shopping portal. There are Coconut stalls near the beaches and you can have a sip of the huge coconuts.

Places To Visit :

Earth Zero Gravity Point near Wadi Darbat:

wadi darbat 1

Believe it or not, You Put your Car in Neutral and Say the Magic Word, and your car start moving upward instead of going down, I didn’t believe it until I experienced it my self. I tried with other objects also but only the vehicles move upward nothing else.

Nabi Ayoub’s Tomb:

nabi ayub

Nabi Ayoub’s Tomb, marks the place where the remains of the prophet can be found.

Al Mughsail Beach:

mughsail beach

Mughsail Beach is well known for the blowholes and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Oman.

Nabi Umran Tomb:

It’s a pleasant place with a small mosque, at the back of the mosque there is a small garden with peacocks, guinea fowls and other birds.

Ain Razat and Magnetic Mountains(Mirbat):

ain razat

It’s a place near the mountains a beautiful spring and you can relax there for hours. People come and have a relaxation bath.

Sultan’s Palace:

The palace is known as Al-Husn.Sultan himself resides in Muscat.

Al-Baleed Archaeological Park:

Al Baleed

It is one of the most intresting places to visit .

Taqah Castle:

Residence of wali the governor of salalah, but now it’s a museum.

Wadi Dawkah Frankincense Reserve:

wadi darbat

It is a large area of Frankincense trees, the land of frankincense UNESCO world heritage site.

 – Varsha Chachad.



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