Road Accidents in India


Road accident is the incident that occurs when two or more vehicles or vehicles and animal or pedestrian collide each other. The accident occurred could result in severe injuries or damage to the property or life. There are various factors, which come into account, which can be the reason of accident such as condition of road, vehicle design, and driver’s impairment

highways proves to be very convenient for the people to transport or travel from one place to another. However, the major accidents, which take place in the nations, are in the highways that results in severe and major damage in forms of infrastructure, labor, vehicles, etc. and this type of highway accidents mostly occur in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, etc and are the main issue in front of the Indian government. As the cost of all the damages occurred is heavy during accident, which results in a great problem if everyday there will be hundreds of such accidents. It would directly disturb the financial and economical condition of country especially under developed countries like India. Not only to the damages, even the government has to pay the victim’s family and some administration charges due to accidents.

In attention during driving, a car can be said as a main reason behind such major road accidents. The number of accidents can be reduced if driver while driving by abiding by the rules gives proper attention and regulations of traffic signals, signs, roads, etc. sometimes weather conditions, which comes into effect behind the reason of accidents. Fogs in winter season, which causes less appearance of oncoming vehicles, wet roads in rainy season makes the road slippery and even drink and drive is one of the main reason behind massive road accidents.

Factors responsible for road accidents are as follows:-


Equipment Failure-

Equipment failure means failure or stoppage of working of machines or motor of the cars or vehicles which results in road accidents known as accident due to equipment failure. Equipment failures could be break failure, tire puncture, blocked clutch plates, tread separations or problems in suspension, etc.

Roadway Design-

Roadway design refers to the irregular infrastructure of the road due to its complex design like lanes merging, livestock or pedestrian crossings. Even the irregular surface of the road may cause imbalance of the vehicle and may result in collision with another vehicle or infrastructure.

Poor Roadway Maintenance-

There could be debris in the way of the road, which could create problems for the traveler that is responsibility of local highway department, faded road sign, and potholes could be another cause for the major road accident. Poor roadway maintenance contributes major part of the car accidents.

Driver Behavior-

The main and foremost cause is driver’s behavior. Driver should be in a controlled speed while driving so that they could prevent themselves from colliding with other vehicle whose driver is drunk or not in a proper state of driving. Driver should behave normal while driving. They should avoid overtaking of vehicles, using cell phones while driving, etc.


The road accidents are taking place at frequent and at a rapid speed in the country like India where the number of highway are more which results in increase in the rate of accidents. Every individual while driving should take protective measures and an initialization from every person of the nation and if the government of the country achieves full support then there are chances to calm down the temperature of the rate of accident occurring at highway.

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).


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