Riding can be riding a bike or a cycle or for that matter even a horse. My interest is in riding a BIKE. I myself ride a white ACTIVA 2012 model. It is a powerful machine indeed all bikes are powerful. Well riding a geared bike is more fun, change gears, ride faster, speed up and feel the breeze. Till date I have rode an active, a kinetic nova, avenger and CD100 (hero Honda). My first time riding a bike was on the old 18 year old bike that is owned by my elder brother was the first bike I rode when I was 15. Strange right. A 15 year old trying to balance the bike and trying to learn how to manage the clutch and the gear and yes I am a girl. To people who seen me ride found it really weird they said why don’t you ride a ‘scooty’. I questioned them isn’t bike for girls? A strange belief that most people have is why does a girl need to ride a GEARED BIKE? My question to them when boys can ride an activa why not girls ride the bike? The most amazing bikes I like are bullets royal enfield, bikes – avenger, apache, Yamaha bikes, hero bikes.

As a child I always sat with my dad and my brother on a bike and seen them ride so fast so well. It felt really good. Being the tom boy kinda girl that I am I used to be more interested in bikes rather than Barbie dolls and video games. Of Couse I liked Barbie dolls and I have a collection of snow white Barbie doll and all the other pink Barbies. As I was growing up I felt a certain inclination towards bikes. I used to feel really good whenever my brother told me come baby lets go for a bike ride. I used to instantly be ready. Most of the people think it’s a waste of time, petrol is expensive and blah blah. All I thought about was the bike and the ride on it. As a pillion when you sit on the bike you enjoy the cool breeze your tensions seem to disappear in the cool breeze. As for me I made up my mind that I will ride some day when I reach that age of getting a licence. I expressed myself to my brother and he did help me.


 When I was 15 and I was in my 10 Th standard. I used be stressed about exams and the only thing that ever made me feel good is when my brother said ‘baby lets go for a bike ride’. With a big broad smile n showing my 32 teeth to him I would just wear my chappals and run down to the bike holding the key in my hand and putting it onto the key switch. I sit behind while my brother rides that old CD100 bike. My brother asked me do you want to ride the bike. I answered yes! But how will I? I don’t even know how to start the bike. He was patient with me and said okay baby I will teach you. The best thing about having a sibling especially an elder brother strict yet so loving. He sat behind me this time and briefed me about gears. Slowly as I started off he told me you have to feel the engine, feel the bike, the sound. A small little girl that I was an obedient child I did just what he had told. As I left half clutch and started racing the accelerator I could feel the engine. For me that was a dream come true. Riding my first ever bike. I was overwhelmed until the bike stopped and my brother yelled baby I told you to feel the engine not dream and reach your destination in your dreams. That was rude! But I didn’t give up I did it learnt it. And rode the bike, every evening was my practice time. It made me proud when I heard people say hey look a girl riding a bike! That was it! I felt contented. Riding from my place to worli sea face feeling the cool breeze goofing up with gears I had to hear lot of shouting’s but it was worth it. Later dad gave me an activa and I rode it didn’t have gears but the feeling remained the same. People get fed up riding and travelling on the bike from Andheri to wadala goregao to bhyander it is tiring. Riding with your friends on a road trip would be the best thing you could do. I have a trio we three friends just go riding on our activa on a Sunday evening to worli sea face or marine drive. And trust me it’s an amazing feeling. It must be a very short distance but we love it. It’s the passion for bikes and roads that make you go out. Rather than eating and putting on weight save that money and go biking and riding on the roads. Petrol rates have hiked and so have prices of food. So what? Riding your bike feels wonderful. When you’re lonely and bored try making yourself happy by riding your bike it makes you forget your worries for a little while. Of Couse everyone has a different opinion about bikes people get tired riding from one end to the other but exploring places seeing cities is truly wonderful. I wish to go on road trips with my bike too far off place with the best riders. There are many female riders now. I have heard of a few biking clubs for women I would someday want to be a part of that gang. Because biking for me is not just riding or covering up a journey it’s a passion, an interest, attraction, love, it’s more than just a word. IT IS LIFE TO ME. Associating with a bike riding club is my dream for I have the passion for riding.





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