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Yes, most of you’ll may disagree with me saying that I do this and that, buy gifts, go to malls, go out for lunch and dinners… what more should I do? Some of you may say that its just me who is doing it all and that a relationship can’t be one-sided and the other person should also make some efforts. There also would be those who would wanna act cool and say, “I don’t wanna be emotionally attached to anyone” and “I really don’t care about relationships”. But there also be some humble ones who want to admit that yes we aren’t really giving our fare share to the relationship and we must do much more but time and situations don’t permit us to follow our hearts.

Well, we are in 2014 and the year has begun decently but just rewind and think how many people you wished a happy new year to and out of them how many do you really maintain your relationship with. This year saw one of the famous couples in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan and his wife Sussane separate and there came to an end to a relationship. But what is noteworthy is that each of them is trying to maintain their other relationships whether it’s Hrithik maintaining his relation with his in laws or both of them not letting their children get affected due to their divorce.

Doesn’t this throw light on how delicate and important relations are? Though individuals may have separate relations but they all are interlinked with one another and if one strand breaks it would cause a crack on all the other strands. Relationships are a very crucial part of every individual’s personality whether they realize it or not. Every relationship contributes to the basic foundation of human beings. Salman Khans close knitted family is a living example of that. They not only live together but celebrate each and every festival together and stand by each other through problems.

Most of us take relationships for granted these days. We try to run behind people or things who don’t care and which don’t matter ending up ignoring the ones who love us the most. We are so caught up with meeting targets and reaching goals that the voice of our loved ones doesn’t reach our ears. Also we easily get attracted to those people or relations who cling to us in our good times but disappear in bad times.

In our arrogance and anger we end up hurting our parents the most. Grandparents are termed old fashioned and every word of caution from them is put on a deaf ear. We tend to think that our sibling is up to no good and just likes preaching. The aunt or uncle is nagging just because they try to advice or reason with us. That friend who tries to warn us against someone or something is labeled as dumb and boring. Why take these people for granted, only because they genuinely love and care.


Sometimes it’s too late when we realize the important of such people. It happens only when there is a vacuum in our lives due to the absence of the relationship. Hold on to those lovely people who make your life beautiful. It’s their sheer presence which adds glitter to the usually boring life. Next time you feel like hugging your parents or kissing your grandparents cheek, do not hesitate as life doesn’t always give second chances. Don’t miss it!

–        Anjani M Nautiyal


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