Reasons for why not to smoke.


Smoking is a practice of inhaling or tasting a smoke made by burning tobacco. Tobacco is highly adducible in nature as it contains nicotine in it, which makes the smoking habit hard to break. Human body needs it to feel as normal person. There is no specific reason to start smoking. People just start to smoke thinking it as a cool habit, or by imitating their family and friends. At the initial stage of smoking no one, expect it to become addicted. Later the smokers want to stop smoking but they could not do the same, reasons to stop smoking are as follows:-


  • Smoking develops early wrinkles in the face, which makes one feel older than their usual age.
  • According to major health departments of the world, 87% of lung cancers are due to smoking.
  • Smokers (men’s) are likely to experience erectile dysfunction, which can dampen the sex life.
  • Smokers usually have less memory power then non-smokers.
  • It is estimated that every puff of your cigarette decreases your 12 minutes of total life span.
  • Smokers develop the problem of high blood pressure.
  • Smokers are found to lose their bone density.
  • Stop smoking you will save money.
  • It diminishes the taste of eating; ultimately reduce the pleasure of eating.
  • Smoking creates stains on teeth and fingers permanently.
  • It increases the risk of depression.
  • Smoking persons tend to become bald more as compared to non-smokers.
  • Subject to cause bronchitis.

These are only some major problems mentioned above, smoking not only affect smokers but it also affects the non-smokers i.e. the people surrounding him. In addition, the released smoke from the cigarette affects our environment as it pollutes the nature. Leaving smoking cigarette is just living life easily and allowing peoples around to live easily.



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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).


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