Approximate Weight-age of Theory & Practicals


Theory -45 Marks  & Practicals – 30 Marks 

 Unit one ( Entire unit is based on Theory)

  1. What is Investment? Discuss in detail Investment Process.
  2. State the factor influencing / affecting selection of invest avenues / alternatives.
  3. What are the different investment avenues available for the constitution of portfolio?
  4. What are the advantages of depository settlement?
  5. Explain the concept of online share trading along with its advantages.

Unit two (Unit is based on Theory & Numerical. Weight-age of Numerical is more from this unit)

  1. What is risk? What are the different types of risk?
  2. Numerical – calculations of i) Standard Deviations, Ii) Variances & iii) Beta.

Unit three (Unit is based on Theory & Numerical.)

  1. What is portfolio management? Discuss in detail process of portfolio management.
  2. What are the objectives and basic principles of wealth management?
  3. Write a Short note on fundamental analysis.
  4. Numerical– Calculate EPS, P/E ratio, Dividend Payout Ratio, Dividend Yield Ratio, ROI, ROCE, Interest Coverage Ratio, Net Profit Ratio, Gross Profit Ratio, Debt Equity Ratio, Book Value
  5. What is technical analysis? What are different charting techniques & chart pattern?

Unit four (Unit is based on Theory & Numerical. Weight age of Numerical is more from this unit)

  1. Explain in detail – Dow Jones Theory, Elloit Wave Theory & Efficient Market Theory.
  2. Numerical – calculations of Expected Return and Beta using CAPM model.
  3. Numerical – evaluate the performance of portfolio using (Sharpe’s , Jensen’s & Treynor’s measure).


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