Paper pattern:-


Q1. Objectives (15 marks)

Q2. Full length questions theory +practical (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)

Q3. Full length questions theory +practical (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)

Q4. Full length questions theory +practical (2 sets of 2 questions each. Attempt any one set)

Q5. Short notes (3 of 5)


Unit 1

  1. What is the need for corporate restructuring
  2. What are the factors considered before drawing a restructuring plan
  3. What are the factors considered before implementing a restructuring plan
  4. SN Merger, take over, type of takeover, demerger, strategic alliance
  5. Demerger vs slump sale
  6. Types of merger
  7. Reasons for merger


Unit 2

  1. Internal vs external restructuring process
  2. Simple sums on reduction in liability, reduction of share capital, consolidation. Sums to include journal entries and preparing a balance sheet and P&L


Unit 3

  1. Amalgamation vs absorption vs external reconstruction
  2. Merger vs purchase
  3. Pooling of interest method
  4. Purchase consideration sums (NAV)
  5. Treatment of debentures and statutory reserve sums


Unit 4

  1. Explain the impact of corporate restructuring on employee compensation and benefits
  2. Explain the process of engagement with statutory authorities post merger
  3. How to assess the gain or loss to shareholders in capital restructuring decisions
  4. Impact of restructuring on human and cultural aspects

For any further clarifications or doubts, please feel free to What’s-app Vipin Sir on 9820779873

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