When I joined the college, I was like an infant who required a mother-like teacher for everything who can guide me, shout at me for my mistakes, appreciate for my good work, and help me in every step of the ladder to climb up. She is my favorite teacher because she tells a lot of funny stories. She also makes funny faces like raising her eyebrow etc. Her door was usually open for consultation on any assignment. Her comments/feedback on papers was constructive and encouraging. She is approachable and always had time for students. Her lessons were extremely interesting, efficient and absolutely fascinating. She always practiced what she taught. Her method of teaching demonstrated desirable teaching methods for our use. She is none other than my favorite BMS Professor Tasneem Mushrif.





“Guru Gobind dono khade kake lagoon paon.

Balhari ho guru apke  Jin Gobind deyo bataye”


She taught us Public Relations in 4th semester, Business Ethics in 5th semester and now in my final year, she is teaching us Indian Management Thoughts and Practices. As a student for me she is like a fevicol.

The way she teaches or explains remains in our mind forever; like “Fevicol”. Her lovely personality also contributed to the success of teaching. She makes every student feel like her own children. Having her as a teacher is a Blessing. She is simply “ADORABLE”.

She explains the difficult topic in a very simple manner by giving a lot of practical examples from our day to day life. She makes each and every topic very interesting that you can’t dare to divert your mind from the particular topic. Mostly all the students of our college admire her.

Her personality is also very appreciable, very simple and down to earth, kind lady, no ego, no attitude & no hyperbole.  She is always there for me to listen to my problem or when I am in bad mood she cheers me up, she is not just teacher she is also like MOTHER for me. I can talk to her just like as I talk to my other friends. She is the teacher who firstly explains study material well in depth but in clear language not as in university in different lectures running in galloped. Secondly, generously making the students work who tried hard and enabling them to achieve what they deserve, third not wasting precious time on silly jokes while there is enough time for more important things e.g. class room discussions.

When she came to our class on the first day, I was little confused by seeing her that she would be able to take Public Relations Management subject. She was very submissive but when she started the lecture, I got to know that her knowledge is very vast.

She was always available to her students. She is the teacher who makes you realize that you can achieve whatever you want to if you are willing to work for it.

She had helped me during my projects, “Gandharva”, internal assignments and also supported for organizing Industrial Visits and she is the person who possessed all good qualities of humanity. She made a difference in our life. She shaped our destiny and gave us confidence.

She is very kind, flexible, and supportive, with sense of humor.

Submitted by-

Nitish Gupta

(Rajiv Gandhi College)

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Nitish Gupta

Hi! I am Nitish Gupta, doing BMS from Rajiv Gandhi College. I am simple. I believe in forgiveness . I love to draw pictures There are two point in which i believe the most .... a) live and let live. b) try try till you succeed.

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