“Who is a teacher” is a first question that we as a student are been asked and explained by our teachers and we all know the answers. Teacher is our second mother and we never used to doubt on that fact. But after reaching a certain stage in our life where we experience with good and bad situations, we remember the morals and values given by our teachers. These morals help to face and helps to deal with our biggest mistakes. We agree and accept that our families also has a major role to play in our lives but we cannot ignore the fact that we in our modern life right from the birth are been taught about the success and failures for which we are sent to schools and colleges to train ourselves to face the outside world. So we spent majority of our times with our teachers and the teachers are the one who moulds student’s life. So they shall be very much cautious against making any mistakes, imperfections or inconsistencies which may later affect a student’s life as they try to imitate their teachers the most of whom they see as their role-models. As we know that “a small crack in a dam may lead to a breach in the dam and may cause flooding of the area around.”


“When I was born mom fed me,

When I touched the ground dad held me,

When I wanted to play my brother used to play with me,

But when I went to some stranger he/she fed me, held me, and even played with me

And that stranger is no one else but my “TEACHER”

She is an MBA and has a specialization in Marketing, M.Com, done a professional course on International Banking form University of Singapore, Chief Administrator of US OSTWAL EDUCATION SOCIETY.

Has a 4 years of teaching experience, is a visiting faculty for management and economic studies, Principal of US OSTWAL academy.

She taught me various subjects in the past three years like Foundation of Human Skills, Export Import of foreign trade, and International Marketing. I used to think these subjects are very boring and was least interested in studying it. But she made this topic so interesting that I loved attending her lectures and to grasp whatever   she taught. I had always heard in my school life were teachers used to say that no one is going to care for you and teach you as the way we did. But after I heard her lectures, I was sure whatever my school teachers used to say was completely wrong as she used to make the subjects much simpler and understandable which was can be learnt in the class itself. No self revision was necessary as then and there I was clear about every single topic.

Commitment level of her is unbelievable. She is very punctual before the students come in the class she used to be present. She sets a target of what all topics she would complete on that particular lecture. Before examinations she gives advice to the students regarding the technique of writing the papers. She had a great commitment towards teaching students as she loves teaching. She is a kind of responsible person, we can trust her and have a faith on her for any kind of work. She has a strong belief in teaching and in the system or the way in which she teaches.

She also has a great problem solving ability. Whenever a student looks upto her for some advices on any uncertain situation she is always ready to help the student. Students can be dependent on her for any situation. In my case only there was one situation where she helped me a lot in my Second Year of Bachelor Of Management Studies. At the end of my Semester Fourth one day I lost my notebook of Export and Import of Foreign Trade. I was totally devastated as the exams were going to start and none of my class mates were ready to help me out in this circumstance. I went to her and told about my problem. She without asking any further explanations from me took out her own book from the shelf and gave it to me for studying during the examinations. Whenever presentations are also conducted she used to pick out the problem area and make the students understand why the problem occurred and then provide a relevant solution to that problem.

She has an amicable relationship with the students. She has a very friendly and caring attitude towards the student. Students are very free to share anything with her. Any doubts in the mind of students are cleared during the lectures itself. She doesn’t limit students from doing any creative things instead she encourages in lot of things. There was one moment in our Semester Fifth where all students wanted to go for an Industrial Visit but the college did not allow because of the less number of professors to take care of the students. We were all heart-broken but we decided to make Prof. Preeti Jain to come with us. Our class boys started buttering her to come with us for the trip. As she is our visiting faculty we can’t force her but to our surprise she cared for our feelings and decided to come with us.

She has a variety of techniques to teach. But what we like most is her interactive way of teaching. This type of teaching creates less or no boredom and every student participate equally in this type of teaching. The brain storming sessions are conducted; debates too are conducted so that the students come to know their capabilities and situation dealing ability. She is not those types of typical professors who consider lecturing is teaching through one way communication. She shares her own life experiences and even allows students to share their own. What I like of her teaching is  that she provides various examples on certain topic which helps me to understand that topic clearly and due to examples that topic gets stored in my memory for a long-time. Thus it also helps me in my exams to memorize that thing easily and write the concept referring to certain examples.

Like all the other students I also see my teacher as a role-model. I was always a shy kind of girl and I am not too extrovert or friendly with anyone. I have my own world where I create my own dreams but did not have the confidence to show it to others. But we know life is a struggle; success and failures are a part of everyone’s life. I also had a life changing experience from my teacher. At first I used to think that she hates me but then I realized an unknown person whom I have never met before has no reason to hate me. I was at my First year of Bachelor of Management studies and was very new to everything whether it’s the syllabus, professors or the students. As I am not too extrovert, my class mates were not very close to me like they were with others. I was comfortable with my own group I used to have fun with only my group members and had no contact with anyone in the class.

Unique Academic experience:

Lectures were conducted the whole day and syllabus started taking a toll on us. As my first year experiences were very new, semester-wise syllabus was getting onto our nerves. Till mid August, our lectures were going on and then on one day, we were announced that our presentations would be starting soon. I was stressed out after hearing it and became nervous. Instructions were given by our respective professors to prepare our hardcopy and power point presentations. I had no idea of what was going on and became helpless.

My first presentation was on the subject Foundation of Human Skills and we were asked to choose a topic and prepare our presentations. I was getting stressed, confused and even nervous of what I will do how I will face the audience. As I was quiet shy and had a group of 5 students picked roll-number wise I was not able to communicate with them properly as this group was completely different from my other group in which I had friends and they knew me very well.

After struggling through this many things, I finally completed my hardcopy and power point presentations. Parts were divided among the members. I got my own part, still I was nervous. Before the day of presentation, I practiced at home in front of the mirror so that I get it done perfectly. But even after practicing so much I was unable to grasp certain things which made me frustrated and arrogant.

Now the day of presentation came and my brain started thinking about strange faces that I need to face. I wasn’t confident enough and my heart was pumping fast.  But there was no other way I have to give my presentation. I went up to the stage I was shivering seeing my class mates staring at me I became nervous and that led out my frustration in front of the class. Even though I gave a good presentation; my attitude and arrogance made a negative remark on my image.

After the presentation was completed Professor Preeti Jain started commenting on my good points and bad points. She picked less of my positive points and more of my negative points. I was totally embarrassed in front of the whole class and I was even not able to face her. I was very disappointed. Other presentations went on but I was in no mood to listen. After the lecture was over I thought to go out and talk to her so I went behind her I asked her why she pointed my negative points more at that time she said me one thing “If I would have said what is good in you, you will not be satisfied in future as you know what are good points and would  not understand what mistakes you have made, so I am making you ready by bombarding all negative points so that you will be able to face the challenges in future by correcting those mistakes now.”

At that time I learned a memorable lesson in my life that “ Every time and everywhere I would not be blessed by good friends and there would be many strangers with whom I  have to deal with it in future; so anger and frustration are not the solution to the problems. And we always have to consider the fact that positive point in us whatever it may be only gives us what we want others to tell about us but negative points are the one that truly makes us understands who wants to improve our mistakes. People telling something good about you in front and then back-biting are far worst than the people telling something bad about you in front of you.”


Submitted by –

Annie Varghese

(Vartak College)

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Annie Varghese

Hi! I am Annie Varghese, doing BMS from Annasaheb Vartak College. I like reading, writing, painting and cooking yummy food and also like listening to rock music.

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