Prof. Parveen Nagpal


The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.  – William Arthur Ward
I cannot help but admire every word of the quote above, I strongly believe in every word written above.

Twenty years of education builds on a long time wherein the student – teacher relationship takes birth and nurtures to a different level. Initially teacher is always a person who writes on a black board. Through the years of schooling she is looked upon as a disciplinarian, a second mother, an agony aunt, a friend, etc. However it’s always too late to realize her real importance and place in one’s life.

As I run through my three years of BMS and trust me I believe everyone who told me Degree College would be the best years and the friendship and teachers would be cherished lifelong in this final year I am ready to acknowledge all of that.

When I thought to myself and questioned as to, ‘Who is my favourite teacher in BMS?’ I ran through a list of names in my mind from the ones in the first year to the ones I couldn’t recollect, I even remembered those who were boring and troublesome and even those who I wouldn’t forget ever there was this striking name and face which stood out from the rest and not only clicked my mind but also ticked my heart and as I remember her I drew her picture in mind the way I have been seeing her from the very first day in college. With utmost pride and lots of affection I announced to myself its none other than my teacher and Coordinator Prof. Parveen Nagpal.

The first day of FYBMS and I remember even the air conditioner had no effect on my nervous palms and sweat had its way through my forehead. I felt tremors seeing not a single known face in that auditorium when I saw a lady coming on the stage with a smile starting with the orientation. Her one glance had a soothing effect on me and her clear voice made every instruction easy to understand. In those 15 mins I realized she had charmed everyone in the auditorium.

The first week rolled by and in a months’ time as our communication increased through lectures her posture, gestures, teaching kept on having an impact on me. As time passed all we knew is she had an MBA to her credit with specialization in HR. However she had the most striking personality and in the second year when she wasn’t a professor for any subject I truly missed her class presence.


Principles of Management was the first subject taught by her in which she laid such a strong base that management interested me. Her guidelines and helpful tips for presentation gave me the motivation to confidently do my presentation and also win certain intercollegiate events. The strict disciplinarian that she is often made students call it her arrogance but it’s because of her that we have become so able in our conduct.

Her balanced persona still puts me in awe. Praveen Ma’am makes every concept clear in class through her ample examples, discussion in class, helpful notes and also through her practical talks.  The essence of her class is in the way she offers a judicious mix of theory and practical scenario which I experienced in my last semester while I was studying Human Resource Management.

Parveen Ma’am from the first semester has been the first to complete her portion in class and also gives question bank for her subject which for her students is a great delight. Her anger and punctuality are often topics discussed on very platonic platforms not in the college premises but so is her loving nature and admiring pat on the shoulder. She would be the first one to shout on us if we commit a mistake or behave inappropriately but she is also the first one to applaud and sincerely praise our achievements.

Industrial visits and college days are other occasions to see the other side of her. She is at her jovial best and lets her hair down and we have a gala time with her. I have some great memories of her on the two IV’s I was with her and she was the most loving and caring lady on the trip.

I am actually falling short of words to describe her and my experience with her in the last two and a half years. Parveen Ma’am has always inspired and motivated me. Her teachings have left a lasting imprint on me. Her kind words and strict look would one day help me make her proud.

She is the apt example of a perfect modern teacher someone who is approachable at the same time is the best at delivering knowledge. A friend and a guide who I will always look upto and aspire to be like her. In my opinion she is magnificence personified. I cannot emphasize enough on the impact she has created on me and how significant is her role in shaping me and the person I would turn out to be in the near future.

She would not only be my favourite teacher but the one who enlightened my soul and also the one who stood with a lamp on the ladder which I climbed in my formative years.


Submitted by-

Anjani Nautiyal

(M.L. Dahanukar College)

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Anjani Nautiyal
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