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“A good teacher can inspire, hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.”

 This quote by Brad Henry rightly states the importance of teachers in one’s life. Teachers are the one who show us the right path in our life and help us to achieve our goals. It is the enlightment provided by the teachers which enables a person to grow up as a responsible person in life.

Teachers can be anyone in one’s life, even a child teaches a man to enjoy his life fully without worrying about past or future. Many person inspire us and they can be rightly said our teachers. Our parents are our first teachers who teach us the basic things in life like how to walk, how to speak and even how to eat.

The most inspiring professor for me has been Prof. Nilesh Rughani, Visiting faculty in many colleges including my college Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics. He taught us Financial Management in the 5th Semester and has been one of the few persons who have helped me to believe in myself that I can Excel even at the topmost level.

Holding an M.Com Degree with 12 years of teaching experience Nilesh Sir has really made a difference in the life of his students. Simplicity lies within him and with his student supportive attitude he is one of the person who has helped many students to overcome their fear of studying finance. Teaching has been more than a job for Nilesh Sir, he does it as it is his passion and that is what which has made him a professor who is liked by all his students.

Nilesh Sir teaches finance and accountancy to the students of BMS and BAF. He also teaches as a visiting faculty for MMS and MBA programmes in management institutes. He has his own style of teaching. With his loud voice which can be audible clearly even on the last bench equipped with his unique style of teaching he makes sure that each and every student has understood whatever he has taught. Teaching finance in such a simple way is not possible for each and every professor and Nilesh Sir is among the very few who can clear the concepts of students within a matter of minutes.  Sir has the ability to stretch a lecture even for 3 hours without the student getting bored. He is also strict with attendance and sees that his students don’t miss the lectures without any important reason. He keeps a tab on the progress of each and every student by taking regular tests.

Keeping his students updated with various market knowledge required by us as a student of finance has also been an important aspect of Nilesh Sir’s teaching. He makes sure that a student learns and understands why a particular concept of finance is important and where it is used so that they have the knowledge of how to use the concepts which they have learnt. He is a person who can inspire the dumbest of all the students that they can do well. Students who require additional help are also welcomed by Sir and he likes to help people in clearing their doubts.

Nilesh Sir always tries to enable his students to gain as much as knowledge they can, and this is not a one way process. Sir also tries to learn new things from his students. He tries to be updated with help of his students too. He works hard on helping his students learn and for that he is even available late night also. If a student has any doubt he can message him and he sees to clear the doubt as soon as possible so that the student can proceed further. Preparing for next day lecture is also an important part of his schedule and he tries that he is prepared for the next day with whatever part he has to teach to the students so that he can clear the doubts of students with much ease.

Nilesh Sir has a very frank attitude towards his students. He scolds a student if he is not doing anything in a proper manner and also appraises the student if he does something which is better than that of others, all in front of the entire class. He does not have any favorite group of students in the class as well he does not have any type of harsh feelings for any of his students. He has lenient as well as strict nature according to the requirement of situation. He is also a fun loving person and sometimes even plays prank with his students. I remember his birthday when one of our classmates also shared birthday with him and he came to knew about it. She was somehow late for the lecture and sir decided to have some fun. He just called her when she came after the class to the college and asked her why she missed the lecture? His tone was a bit angry and this made the girl frighten, but later as Sir wished her birthday she was relieved and also surprised that he was also sharing his birthday with her.

Sir adopts a complete learning philosophy, he teaches each and every aspect of the subject and sees that the students not only learn the theoretical part but also learns the practical usage of that particular topic. Sir has a very positive attitude towards his work and this make him interested in teaching. He believes in giving more and more to his students so that they can become someone who can help others in the same manner.

Even though Sir has taught us for one semester and now he would teach us International Finance this semester he has been a person who has inspired me the most in such a short period of time. I have learnt a lot of good things from him. His simplicity inspires me. Even though being such a great professor he never takes the credit, he always dedicate it to his students. He says that he is what his students have made him, such is his simplicity. Learning from such a wonderful person has been a great experience and I am very happy that we have got another semester of him teaching us. Really Nilesh Sir is a teacher to few but a mentor to many.

To conclude I would like to quote a line, true in case of Nilesh Sir, from the book ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green…And other Things Consider’ by Jim Henson,

Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are.”


Submitted By

Ankit Rathi

(Sydenham College)

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Ankit Rathi

Hi! I am Ankit Rathi, doing BMS from Sydenham College and also doing CS. I love listening to music and admire people who help others and lead by examples. I have an interest in reading books which inspire me to come up in life.

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Ankit Rathi

Hi! I am Ankit Rathi, doing BMS from Sydenham College and also doing CS. I love listening to music and admire people who help others and lead by examples. I have an interest in reading books which inspire me to come up in life.


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