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                                  The guiding light of knowledge for her students

A teacher is someone who spreads the light of knowledge without discrimination amongst her pupils. Teachers since ancient times have been given the utmost rank and respect which they duly deserve. Teaching is considered to be one of the noblest forms of profession in the world. As a teacher imparts knowledge which is hard learned by them. Knowledge is the ultimate form of power and teachers help us to attain knowledge. It is rightly said by Greek philosopher Aristotle: “those who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produced them; for these only gave them life, those gave them the art of living well.” We can well imagine the stature of a teacher through this quote.

I have got this wonderful opportunity to share with everyone about my teacher, mentor, guide and strength Prof. Neha Mehta of M.K. SANGHVI COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND ECONOMICS (Ritambhara).She teaches us Human resource management and Retail management. She is amongst those very few professors who take the job of teaching not merely as a profession but as a duty to mould and uplift the future of their students. She as a teacher and as a person has always inspired students as well as other teaching faculty members. Prof. Neha Mehta has done her in management and has also completed her course I.A.Q. (Investment administration qualification) from the esteemed “Securities Institute London”. She before becoming a professor was a very successful banking executive. She had a fabulous banking career of over 6yrs in which she was felicitated with many awards and service stars for outstanding performance in service.

However she always had a zeal and spirit to spread knowledge through teaching and interact with knowledge seekers. This enthusiasm for learning more and guiding and nurturing learners lead her to migrate and join M.K. SANGHVI COLLEGE in 2009 as a professor in Bachelors of management (B.M.S.) program. Since 2009 after her joining there has been no looking back in her teaching career. Almost instantly students loved her method of teaching. She could connect to each and every student on various subject matter she taught. Just after a year from her joining college as a professor she was promoted and given the responsibility and designation of coordinator for B.M.S. program, which was well deserved by her. There are more than 405 BMS students in my college spread across 6 divisions (FY, SY, and TYBMS) and a vast faculty which teaches these students. All of the faculty members directly report to Prof. Neha Mehta. As she was a successful banker she is very good with management and thus using her abilities she manages the section fabulously and effortlessly with clockwork precision. Inspite of the B.M.S. program being so vast she makes sure that she helps everybody individually and gives ample amount of her time in understanding and solving the problems which might occur for students or teachers as well.

 Prof. Neha Mehta is amongst the teachers who will walk an extra mile in order to help her students. You would most often spot her in college after college hours with students who have difficulty in subjects, solving their difficulties without any complaint. She teaches her students with patience and perseverance. She will spend long hours to teach a topic if there are students who don’t understand the topic. She will always make sure that everybody in the class understands what’s being taught. Apart from providing textual information about the subject, she sites day to day examples to make the subject easy and interesting. All of her lectures are interesting and interactive because she believes in student participation during teaching. Her lectures are interactive and entertaining yet very knowledgeable with the use of hi tech equipments of teaching like projectors and slides. She teaches with so much ease. Her charismatic personality makes sure that every student in class is paying attention.

Prof. Neha Mehta is blessed with a wonderful child. In spite of various responsibilities of her personal life she makes sure that teaching is the aspect which is given preference; this is highly commendable quality of hers. She manages her personal and professional life really well and maintains the necessary balance.  She plays the role of a mother at home and a mentor and teacher at college.

There are various achievements in the professional career of Prof. Neha Mehta, one of her recent achievements are: she single handedly supervised and organized B.M.S. seminar named “THE WORLD OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES” this year which was an intercollegiate seminar in which students and teachers from more than 30 colleges were present. This seminar was an instant success which added another feather to her hat.

Prof. Neha Mehta strongly advocates firsthand experience in learning and thus organizes industrial visits to industrial hubs of our country such as:

  • Hyderabad
  • Chandigarh and kullumanali
  • Mount abu
  • Silvassa

These trips help students in experiencing first hand industrial experience and thus aids in learning of theoretical concepts. Prof. Neha Mehta also promotes cultural activities as she believes co-curricular activities help in the overall development of the student. A very prestigious and well known ‘Self financing program’s’ festival of our college “LAKSHYA 2012-1013” is being supervised and organized by Prof. Neha Mehta this year. Everybody amongst all the colleges is keen to be a part of this festival. She had devoted a lot of time and effort in this festival and we all are sure it’s going to be a runaway success like other seminars organized by Prof. Neha Mehta.

She has a very good circle of knowledgeable and determined professors like her own and organizes guest lectures by these professors on a regular basis. She believes that there should be variety in teaching techniques.

Prof. Neha Mehta implies the thought “Give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach him fishing he will eat for a lifetime” in her professional life. She believes that not much can be achieved without hard work and she also teaches the same to her students. She never promotes the “easy way” to her students and persists on doing the work in the correct manner. This thus helps the students to be more sincere and honest in studies and work. Many students have been helped by her in finding internships in various companies. She doesn’t mind writing ‘letter of recommendations’ for deserving students who wish to apply abroad for higher studies.

As a student of Prof. Neha Mehta I am deeply indebted of her efforts in providing us a brighter future. Like a potter moulds his vessels to smooth away the rough and ugly edges, she had moulded us to become what we are today. Her patience, efforts and persistence in performance has lead us to be better students and also better human beings so that we can face the real world with dignity and flair. She’s not just a teacher but an institution of learning herself. My essay is a small tribute from the side of all her students and it can only begin to explain how immensely devoted teacher she is. I wish each and every student finds a professor and mentor like her to guide and nurture the students and I wish to be blessed with such professors in my educational journey ahead.

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony of all existence.”

                                                                         -Rabindranath Tagore.


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Ali Mehdi H Abidi

I am Ali from M.K. Sanghvi College, studying in TYBMS. My aim in life is to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of Marketing and Advertising. I feel advertising is all about creativity and since I have a creative mind, I can start my own firm in it.

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Ali Mehdi H Abidi
I am Ali from M.K. Sanghvi College, studying in TYBMS. My aim in life is to become a successful entrepreneur in the field of Marketing and Advertising. I feel advertising is all about creativity and since I have a creative mind, I can start my own firm in it.


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