“He inspire us, he entertain us, and we end up learning a ton even when we don’t know it”

This is what our professor is!!!

‘Professor’ the word means a lot to me. It is next to impossible to express in words what a professor for his students is. My favorite BMS Professor is Mr. Manoj Kurup – a well known professor of our college. He is a Bachelor of Commerce and he has done his Masters in Economics. And if we talk about his experience, he has 12 years experience in corporate sector as well as teaching.

For me the term ‘Economics ‘starts with the name Manoj Sir. He is an experienced and well qualified professor. He has a teaching experience of about decades for teaching the students of various professional courses and even he shares his knowledge with the students aspiring for their Masters. He has taught us various topics relating to economics, export-import, and many more. He has provided in-depth knowledge in production and manufacturing field.

This was all about his mastery in various subjects and his teaching pattern. Now speaking about his teaching..

For us, Sir’s session is never a lecture. It is always a package of knowledge with new ideas which includes various strategies, facts, and the experiences shared with us. He not only provides us with the book knowledge but he gives us daily updates about the market economy.  He has always made the session more interactive and interesting. While dealing with his subject, he is never a professor but he explains in such a way as if he is one of our good friends who help us to remove the fear of revealing our doubts.

Whenever the difficulties are faced by us in BMS the first name arises in our mind to share them is Manoj Sir. He never treats us as students but his calm and helpful nature makes us feel that we are his children. He has always been a helping hand for solving our problems whatever it may be- curricular or extracurricular. The thing I liked about our Sir is when we are right, he always encourages us but if we ever lack behind due to some or the other reason he always has been the one who brings us back on the right track with his encouragement.

All the students of our group have developed an unbreakable relationship with our beloved Sir who has kept all the students connected towards our studies and even the other activities.

As we all are aware, BMS is a course of practical knowledge and it includes fieldwork, presentations, survey, industrial visits, and other activities. Here also Sir never lacked behind. He is always with us as our guide, and gets out the best from each and every student. He uses the projectors during lectures to explain certain important points if the topic demands so, which help us to get clear information of that particular topic.

Sir not only focuses on the bright students but he also solves all the problems of the weak students which helps them to overcome with their fear. We all the students admire our Manoj Sir the most and even Sir trusts us a lot.

College is a place where we get knowledge but Manoj sir is the one who has always provided us with the great experience, facts and knowledge. We always feel that it’s a great feeling for us to be under his guidance.

As someone has truly said- “I am indebted to my father for living, but to my teacher for living well”

Same is the thinking of all the students of our college’s BMS department regarding our respected and loving Manoj Sir.

We are glad to have such a person as our professor….


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Viva College

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Akshata Kamath

Hi! I am Akshata Kamath, doing BMS from Viva College. Like watching Dil dosti dance and listening to silent and soft music.

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  1. Rahul Potnis 8 years ago

    I heartly appreciate you for this beloved information about our Sir. He is, no doubt, an expert on what he says and what he commits. Thank your Sir for always being with us and once again a hearty thanks to you Megha. Keep it up.

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