My favorite BMS Professor is our College Co-ordinator Prof. Ketan Vira. He is not only a good co-ordinator but always a good friend of students. He makes realize the potential of students and boosts them instantly. He is a great advisor and guide of our college journey. We have expert and experienced visiting faculties for BMS only because of Prof. Ketan.

He is also the overall Co-ordinator for all self-financing courses i.e. BMS, BMM, BAF, BBI, BSC-IT. Preparing the timetables, coordinating with the Class Representatives to inform the students, taking lectures – all these things are done in a smooth manner which shows he is a multi-talented person. Prof. Ketan also shares his personal experiences, possess good leadership qualities, got a great passion for whatever he does – this makes him unique and special from others. Ketan Sir believes in his students, tugs and pushes and leads us to the next plateau.

Prof. Ketan teaches subjects like Business Environment, Environmental Management, Co-operative and Rural Marketing, Retail Management, International Finance, Micro and Macro Economics, Consumer Behavior.  Ketan Sir had taken Service Sector Management in BMS Sem V using many practical examples of different service sectors and made our each concept clear. Whenever we had any kind of doubts or difficulty in any subject, he used to help us in that subject too. There was no requirement for Important Question Banks in his subjects as our concepts were totally clear in our mind. He had also taken an extra-lecture on “Motivation” on special request by students which was an amazing experience.

He has a mastery over the management subjects. Students are inspired by his knowledge and unique personality. Prof. Ketan possess many dynamic qualities and he is passionate and understanding nature. He has wide knowledge in the field of marketing and retail. He provides his own books and notes to students to gain more knowledge. Various kinds of documentary movies, seminars, class tests, debates, interesting management games, innovative new products in class are used in his lectures. I still remember the first day of my college when I was very shy and Sir was the one who motivated me by giving an effective presentation. He also helped me to improve my English skills during off-lectures. I can proudly call him as the “King of Guru Nanak”.

Prof. Ketan has been very supportive and helpful in my endeavors. He always appreciates my work which helps me to gain confidence and achieve more in life. I respect him like my father.

I am happy to be Sir’s student as I enjoy his each and every lesson of life. Sir understands students’ strengths and weaknesses and the trust he shows on us helps us to prove in life. I am today the Event Head of my College Festival “Zeal”. The trust and blessing will always help me to grow in life. We celebrate even Sir’s birthdays in our Self-finance department; enjoy and have fun with Ketan Sir.


With lots of love, students call him as “Chemburwalea K.T. Baba”. Our Industrial visits to Pune and Kerala were the most memorable ones and that inspired a total of 34 students to work under his Mentorship for the TYBMS Project.


 Submitted By –

Rahul Pawar

Guru Nanak College


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Rahul Pawar

Hi! I am Rahul Pawar, doing BMS from Guru Nanak College. I had worked as the Event Head of my college fest - Zeal for the past 3 years successfully. I love my parents and teachers the most for the kind of support and motivations given to me by them. I don't like to express my feelings and i just display my attitude.

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