Prof. J. Naik


In ancient Indian Scriptures & past decades Gurus were given special place. Many jargons & hi-fundo words were written in their appreciation. They were considered next to God & this was right to the perception of the people in that era. But in this 21st century this thought no more holds true to a greater extent. Today we don’t need some God or Param Gyani who is out of our reach. The need to the time is one who appears someone among us. A teacher is a friend, guide, mentor & motivator who can offer us a comfort zone which opens up our brains so that new & better thoughts can venture in. Thinking of such a teacher only one name comes to my mind & that is ‘Prof. J. Naik’.


She is a very kind, sober & has good personality, dressed up generally in Indian attire (As per college norms). She owns a good body gestures & have good command over language. She has some spark in her eyes, uniqueness in her words & a capturing smile which distinguishes her from the crowd & brings everyone closer to her.

To talk about her educational background, she is a graduate from ‘Royal College of Arts, Science & Commerce’ (My college itself   🙂  ). Later she pursued her post graduation from ‘NMIMS’ (Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies) with marketing as her majors.

Previously she worked with ‘Coca-Cola’. Currently she is working for an esteemed pharmaceutical company ‘Strides Africa’& is the only visiting faculty of Dept.of BMS of ‘Royal College of Arts, Science & Commerce’. 

Moving on to her pastimes, she often discusses a range of them in mid of her lecturers to lighten up the aura. She has keen interest in photography & travelling.



Photos from my Professor’s Lens

She is internet savvy. Exploring new countries, understanding different culture & interacting with people all across the globe is what she love the most. She is big fan of Cricket &Football.

She joined our college in 2011-12 when the ex-marketing professor ‘Shamim Siddique’ left our college. In SY, she taught us ‘Marketing Management’ (Sem 3) & ‘Co-operative & rural Marketing’ (Sem 4). In TY, very few people opted for marketing as majors (11 out of 58). I was the lucky 1 among 11 to be taught by her the very same subject ‘Special Studies in Marketing’ (Sem 5). It was this time when we got to know her better due to very compact class crowd. Currently she is teaching us ‘International Marketing’ (Sem 6).

She is very frank & jolly by nature. As we all know that Royal College is known for its military strict discipline. We are not allowed to sneak in the main gate for 10 minutes if one arrives after the daily Morning Prayer. Thus missing our first lecture is obvious. But lucky we since ‘Jwala mam’ do not impose any such restriction on us & permits us to attend the lecture even if we are late. May be because she is kind enough or ‘Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches’ since she too is a ex-royalite.

She generally uses PowerPoint slides to teach us the syllabus with sufficient relevant pictures, case studies & articles. Her corporate examples for each topic or saying for each pointer of a topic would be more appropriate & that is what I love the most. I have maintained a separate book for her subject so that I can take down the dictation of all essentials which is of greater use than any other book during examination.

Projects, assignments & exercises make up a major part of her teaching style. Infact she is the only professor asking us to do both individual & group presentation while others restrict themselves to group presentation only. Role plays, skit, demonstrations, mimicry, brainstorming etc are few elements which she generally asks to incorporate in presentations.  The project of this Sem is so far the most interesting one. Each group of 5 members is given a country & we are supposed to gather every bit of information about the country. My country is France … Interesting, isn’t it!!!

One student is assigned to carry ‘Economic Times’ during lecture by her & she makes it sure that everyone reads it that particular day itself. This has made me an avid reader & made us realize that ‘Economic Times is the Bible of Management’ which was otherwise just boring orange pages for us.

Sunday lectures are just waoh which I can never forget. In our Sem 5 she used to arrange lectures for us on Sunday. They were scheduled a quite longer than normal weekly lecturers. Only a batch of 11 students & a professor in the whole college was a unique experience altogether.  The studies also used to be better this day since no external interference. The arrangements of our snacks were made by her only. It was a complete combo of ‘Gyan + Masti + Dhamaal.’

She has unique problem solving abilities. She is easy to get connected with any place, anytime just by leaving a message on phone or fb. She is my role model. Her mere presence is enough to motivate me. Looking at her I have decided to take up marketing as my career after doing post graduation in the same field.

Summing up, I would like to attach a quote by a person whom I respect from the bottom of my heart  –

“Love is a better teacher than duty.”

                                                                                  – Albert Einstein

This one statement can be considered as a summary of the entire essay & it best describes my favourite BMS professor – ‘J. Naik.’


Submitted By –

Aeman Waghoo

(Royal College)

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