What exactly is the definition of a Teacher? Someone who teaches us what is in the books? NO way. A teacher is someone who inspires us, who tells us about different things in life and sees the amazed expressions on our faces. He has the ability to actually make studies really interesting. A teacher is someone who makes an impact on a student’s life. He’s that motivator and the catalyst of change. Someone you’re not afraid of and still respect a lot. Someone who can relate to you. He’s a sparkplug … not a fuel pipe!!


Education has become a complete necessity in today’s world. Almost everyone around us goes to some or the other educational institute to pursue their aspirations hence it is evident that there are a lot of teachers out there. But hardly ever do you find a teacher whom you go to not just to ‘pass in the subject’ but you go to him to learn. With education he gives you guidance and inspiration. He teaches you not to earn salary but because he wants you to understand what he’s trying to say. A rare few have all those attributes. I have been lucky enough to have one of those rare few as my teacher.

Every student is consciously or subconsciously looking for a role model. We look around us to find the personalities we admire. A teacher is exactly that person who has the capability to fill in those boots and Prof. Hari Kurup does that with a subtle elegance.

Prof. Hari Kurup is a visiting faculty at our college, R. A. Podar. I have had the pleasure to learn from him for a very short period of time. But in that short period he has made a huge impact on my mind and admittedly a big difference to my college attendance too.

Hari Sir taught us Business Ethics and now teaches us IMTP, widely regarded as the so called ‘boring subjects’. But he has that unique technique with which he makes you feel terrible for missing the lecture. He explains every concept with a certain clarity and assurance. He knows his stuff well. He tells us stories from our epics and manages to indulge everyone in them and then relates the stories with the concept that he wants to teach. It’s blatant that he works really hard on his teaching. Usually we disregard Indian ancient concepts such as ‘Dharma’, ‘Karma’ and the word ‘literally’ scares us. But somehow he has a certain magical ability to not just make these concepts interesting but he makes us want to apply these things in our life.

He doesn’t just teach us IMTP, he makes us look at our life in a different way and a different point of view. How we can be better human beings and how we can achieve the things we aspire to achieve. He is that kind of a motivator who makes you look into yourself and realize so many things that you never would have. Really, I’d sit for his lectures without the ‘moha’ attendance!

He is very young and hence he can relate to us better and he knows what’s going on in our mind or how we would react to a certain idea when he’s teaching it and he has the answers for them too. And because there is lesser age gap, the atmosphere in the classroom is never dead serious. That enables the free flowing of information and no one is hesitant to go up to him and ask him about any query they have. But with that he manages to get respect from each one of the students and the credit goes to his personality all over.

Personally, he is really laid back and fits in our definition of ‘cool’. He attends parties, has fun with friends, puts up statuses and stays active on Facebook and does the normal things that we do in our life. So there is that instant connection and that makes his teaching much better and in turn results in us understanding the studies better.

His teaching technique is really impressive and intelligently constructed. He never (yes. NEVER) gives us the HUGE written assignments that are, let’s be honest, not so productive. He instead makes us research on practical stuff that is related to the studies. He makes us go on the stage and talk about it which not only helps in building our confidence but it also tests our knowledge. It is hard to believe but he never gets angry. It is pretty unbelievable but he has never had the need to punish any student in the class in any way. I think that speaks a LOT about his teaching and his personality. No one has time to do other things because they want to listen and gain knowledge.

In the classroom, he makes you feel as if a friendly discussion is going on and you acquire knowledge in the process. You look at him as a storyteller and you are astonished to realize that you learned a concept in your syllabus. He uses ‘urban dictionary’ words to make us laugh every now and then. He uses Bollywood dialogues to make, indulge, and draw you into his teaching. He has a great sense of humor. You just cannot fit him in the usual category of teachers. He makes learning really really fun. When he is talking, you feel as though he is talking to you personally and the best thing is everyone feels the same way.

Apart from the academics, many of us go to him for suggestions and advice and he gives his time to each of us without any hesitation. He discusses with us various careers and he is very friendly and frank in giving us the advice and sharing his experiences with us.

I do not know him too much personally, but I’d always imagined the perfect teacher to be like him. I am glad and lucky for having the pleasure to learn from him. He’s really cool and I have a lot of respect for him. I hope I’ll be fortunate enough to get a teacher like him again in the future! 🙂


Submitted by-

Hemant Mahendra Gosavi

(R. A. Podar College)

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Hi! I am Hemant Gosavi, doing BMS from R.A. Podar College. My brain is like: 5% names 2% Stuff I should know for college 3% song lyrics & 90% football stuff.........:)

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  1. hari kurup 8 years ago

    I thank hemant for his kind words.. rite now i m speechless and dunno wat to say!!!now he has put me into re-working my lect tomo!!!;-)

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