The day was cool & calm still I was sweating; my heart was beating out of my chest, as I stood in front of the gates of Pragati College. Dressed in my lucky maroon polo, I had overcome a lot of criticism for choosing BMS over engineering. With my parents blessing I stepped in. It was 9:10 lecture was scheduled at 9:30, I saw a man in blue watching me (Peon of the college).


Me: BMS?

Peon: 401, and points up.

It was on the 4th floor! I rushed through the staircase, it was the last class. I slowly walked through the corridor, peeped in to check if I was the first one to enter. There were two girls occupying the last benches. I quietly entered and occupied the middle corner. There was pin drop silence just a light murmur from the last bench. Just then barged in a tall guy with specs giving me a smile, he straight away walked to me and said,

“Hey I am Nimish your classmate for the next the 3 years and you?”

“This is Mrinmoy”, I replied.

Nimish: “Mrin… what?” People always had trouble pronouncing my name.

Me: “You can call me Ronny”.

Nimish: “cool”.

This guy seemed very curious he was making the same conversation with every person entering in the class. Soon the class was full and in came the attendance sheet, we boys started checking out girls list and last Christian name on the list hacked every guys mind, me too !!!. It was 9:30 lecture was about to start still there was no sign of that Christian girl.

It was time, Prof. Jyoti Jangir entered the class; as we were settling down, rushed in a girl in blue salwar, a bit frustrated and uncomfortable. Yes she was Ruby the Christian girl! Prof. Jyoti Jangir started familiarizing us with all the aspects of BMS. In between of interactions she asked,

“All are from Commerce background right?”

I had a look over the class, no one responded. It took me ages to get up as I said “No ma’am I am from science”. At this moment the class gazed me as if I’ve committed a crime. But soon there was something to smile at as I was followed by two other students. She started explaining us how tough it will be for us. Rest of the day was passed making friends. The day ended having a party in nearby restaurant.

It has been almost a year now. I am in S.Y.B.M.S. I’ve topped in every examination of the college. I’ve been a part of every important activity of the college. Ruby is my sweetest friend. Nimish still keep being curious. The first day will always have a special place in my memories as it defines my journey from bottom to the top!

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Mrinmoy Chatterjee

This is Mrinmoy a.k.a Ronny presently in S.Y.BMS. my most lethal weapon is my confidence. whatever the situation maybe, I don't give up and that what helps me reach my goals. Being a non Commerce student, i am the topper of the college & have a lot of recognition in corporate world.

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  1. minal rasam 7 years ago

    awsm.. 😉

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