Power of being loved


Hi Friends,


I am back with new thought. This time my thought is not on personal development or personality improvement. It is also not dealing with time management or ethics. My new blog post revolves around one of the cool thing of the world. Let me just tell you about that cool thing. That cool thing is LOVE. On this planet, no one needs the definition of love. All people know what is love all about? So here, I am not going to describe what is love, what are different types of life, how do people fall in love etc.. Everyone knows it better.

Here, my blog post is very different. It’s different because of one awesome thought which I had come across few days back. My thought goes like this..

“Power of being loved”

We all know that love is very powerful. We all can feel the love. We all can realize the love.

In this life, many people love us. Our mom, dad, brother, sister and teacher almost all. Our friends also love us. But have you ever thought of the state of being loved? Have you ever realized the power of being loved? If you can think deeply, if you can talk to your heart, then you will come to know the reality of being loved. And you will discover the new path of your relationship. It will give you new vision to look at relationship. It all starts with the powerful thought of being loved. Just read below lines and think

  • Someone on this planet is there for you,
  • Someone who is waiting to see your smile,
  • Someone is waiting for your hugs,
  • Your presence brings smile on someone’s face,
  • Your memories helps someone to live life,though you are way you are very close to their hearts

Now close your eyes and think that, who is that person in your life, who loves you from bottom of his/her heart? All you will see is the GOD, your Mother, Father, family members and your best friends. What you see is the infinite love from them.

If you can realize this feeling, then you break the boundaries of your physical limits. Your ego boundaries collapses and you merge your identity with your loved one. You take the extra efforts for them. You take extra pain for them. You sacrifice all things for them, because you know that they love you. And then you express your real love to them. And this is the power of being loved.

Feeling of being loved is so great that you start loving your loved one from your heart. As I mentioned above that feeling of being loved gives new path to your relationship. Your relationship gets stronger and deeper because you have realized the real love.

About me:
I am being loved as a son, a brother, a student, a colleague and a best friend. I have realized deepest feelings of my GOD, Mother and dad for me. I have realized the feelings of my brother, sister and my best friends. Feelings of being loved always helps me in following way.

  • To help them in their problems,
  • To understand them more,
  • To share the happiness and to manage rough spots of life.

When I am nervous and if I think about them then it helps me to live life more energetically.

After experiencing the feelings of being loved, I started loving all of them from bottom of my heart. Now I have developed more love for them. You can say a real love. I feel great when I think about it because I am being loved. And that’s the reason for writing few lines for being loved.

Share your feelings and experiences of being loved as comments… I would love to see your response.

Shyam Gohil

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