Petition against HRM Re-examination for BMS

Dear friends,

I have written this article and published it on FB as well. I have also commented on a number of sites and circulated petitions via e-mail to many students:

Please do not ignore this and kindly forward it to as many people as possible if you genuinely do not want to sit for another exam. Hopefully, it will reach the MU as well. I would like to extend my thanks to everyone who partakes in this effort. This is the petition that can be put forth, before the MU:
Dear Sir/Madam,

This is with regard to the decision taken by the MU to conduct a Re-examination. On behalf of majority of the students, I would sincerely like to urge you to forfeit this decision since giving a re-examination is not a solution. In fact, it is a decision that will prove to compound this problem, rather than resolve it. Please take the following into consideration:

> The exams were initially scheduled for October end. Now, it has been stretched to December- That’s 2 months! When will we start studying for Semester 6, or are we expected to give that exam late into May since there wouldn’t be any time?

> The papers getting leaked is by no means, the fault of the Students. It is entirely the responsibility of the University to secure their confidentiality and WE must not pay the price for this INEFFICIENCY.

> What the Board isn’t able to see is the fact that a lot of students like myself are appearing for the GMAT and TOEFL entrance exams, as well as MMAT for MBA during this period. These dates were selected so as to not coincide with the INITIAL Schedule of the BMS exams which were to be held in October. These exams are very expensive(INR12,500 for GMAT) and require months of preparation. Moreover, December is the latest one can give these exams since the results need to be submitted to the University a year in advance. I believe that in the case of 3rd year management student, such factors should be given due attention as they prove vital.

> If we do agree to a re-exam for HRM, it wouldn’t be long before students start demanding re-exams for the other papers as well because lets be realistic- We all know what happened. So technically, i must be eligible to ask for a re-exam in Logistics as well since the paper didn’t go too well? Similarly, Students have the right to make such claims for all papers that were apparently leaked and all would be legitimate. And if the board does not pay any heed to such plea’s, then HOW is this fair?

> Also, many are aware that the board may not have the technology to secure the papers completely as yet since the source is not yet identified. So what if they were to be leaked again? Would we have to give yet another re-exam?

All said and done, It is not entirely correct for us to just make such claims without providing appropriate and effective solutions for the same as well. We understand that the board is undergoing a lot of stress at this time.. Our only request- Please be a little empathetic and do not take a decision under pressure. Rather think it over and take one that will cause minimum inconvenience to the students and benefit them. So as we learn in BMS day in and day out, here are a few measures that the board can take to correct this problem. We hope you accept these suggestions:

(On consultation with many an upset student)

> Since we know that the HRM paper was leaked, why not strictly moderate those papers that recorded marks higher than 40-45 ONLY IN THE THEORY QUESTIONS viz Q1,3,4,5,6, NOT INCLUDING THE CASE. The ideology is that those who had acquired the papers earlier would obviously have written near perfect answers that supervisors will clearly be able to identify. Also, they can judge the students true capability by evaluating the contrast in the way the CS was answered. In this way, someone who scores a full 45 in theory can be properly moderated and justice can be observed. So if a student knows that he/she is going to secure less than 40 in theory, they have nothing to worry about as those who scored more by cheating would eventually be moderated down.

>Lets be honest- the ones who are blatantly complaining are the those whose papers didn’t go too well. Simply speaking, they just want another chance to do better so please do not pay any heed to such requests.

> Another way to take corrective action is to judge the performance of students in the HRM paper based on their performance in other papers, but that would require a lot of effort by the University in comparing the papers.
Whatever be the case, students must not be made to suffer. Please do not ignore this petition and take it into definite consideration as it is backed by a lot of students, whose fate rests on this decision. I truly believe that if the decision to go ahead with a Re-exam is initiated, then there will be widespread protest as evident on social networks like Facebook and sites like So to avoid the same, do take a decision in the best interests of the students. Looking forward to a just Verdict.
Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,
TYBMS Students(2011) 

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  1. hey we r vid u… coz dis mu must understand the pressure dat even students have gone through nd if re-exam is conducted it may further pressurize us in sem 6 too. even i think mu must re- think on their decision. the best way to tackle this problem for the mu is to apply your 1st suggestion.

  2. I would sincerely like to thank everyone who has raised their opinions on this matter and displayed their dire support for my cumulative effort. For all you know, we may yet stand a chance as the decision can be revoked owing to widespread dissatisfaction.

    I however, resent the actions taken by the MNS and by no means encourage it. None of us must endorse such primitive violence in order to fulfill any demands. I hope the board is able to SEE THIS and understand that we are not out to resort to any such extremity, rather we are just fighting for what is right by peaceful means.

    Finally, i would like to credit the spirit everyone displayed in making our beliefs known. Now, whatever be the outcome, at least we made a bold statement and can be rest assured that such an incident will NEVER occur in the times to come.


  3. I certainly agree with it too….MU please its not our mistake that our paper was leaked. Bcoz of these repeated exams we aren’t able to focus on the 6th semester nd other exams

  4. There should be NO re-exam! Why should we suffer for the University’s mistake or carelessness? This has happened in the past a million of times and it still keeps on happening and we students suffer by giving RE-EXAMS! Just spread the word. Lets all get together for once.

    Say NO to this Re-Exam!

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