Organization of Production planning & control


Organization of Production planning & control


Activities in Production planning section includes:

  1. Production budget office: In this office, incoming orders are recorded in order book. Budget allocation is done to execute each order. In case the customer gives a required date of delivery, the date is noted for further action.
  2. Material Requirement planning: No sooner the planning engineer receives the product to be produced, the production planning department prepares material requirement plan. Material can be applied either internally from the store or ordered from outside.
  3. Methods planning office: The responsibility of this office is to assess the potentialities of available methods & to select the best method for producing components.
  4. Capacity planning office: This office checks the status of each of the facility & allocates them as per requirement of jobs.
  5. Tool & jig design office: The planner tries to provide simple & cost effective tools & jigs for performing the operation. The selection of suitable tool & jig is advised by industrial engineers.
  6. Operation layout & routing office: The responsibility of this office is to prepare several forms & documents so that the production people can work with ease.
  7. Scheduling office: The planner is excepted to prepare a time table of machine allocation for different jobs. Individual capacity of the machine indicates to the planner that with the existing number of machines how much work can be cleared & time taken to complete the work.


Activities of Production Control section:

  1. Dispatching office: This office releases production orders & instructions to those who are expected to carry out production activities.
  2. Expediting centre: This centre implements the plan. The centre maintains an effective communication with help from expeditor, between shop floor & the scheduling office.
  3. Transportation office: It looks after movement of men & materials within the factory premises.
  4. Stores & inspection section: This section assumes the materials management & control functions.

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