Paper Pattern

Section I

  • Concept Testing 15 Marks (Theory)
  • Case Studies (Mix of Theory and Numerical Calculations) 15 Marks.

Section 2

  • Out of 5 Questions Any 3 are to be answered.
  • (10 Marks x 3) 3 Questions are theoretical and 2 are numerical problems.



Unit I : Introduction to OR and Linear Programming

  • Operation Research – Introduction, Models, Areas of Application. Linear Programming (L.P.): Mathematical Formulation of L.P. problem.
  • Graphical Method. Simplex Method – Concept of slack, surplus & artificial variables. Manual solutions of L.P.P. upto 3 iterations. Minimization & Maximization Problems.
  • Special Cases – (i) Alternative optima (ii) Unbounded solutions & (iii) Infeasible solutions to be shown graphically & also by simplex method.


Unit II : Transportation & Assignment Models

  • Definition of the transportation model. Balanced / Unbalanced, Minimization / Maximization. Determination of the initial basic feasible solution using (i) North-West Corner Rule (ii) Least cost method & (iii) Vogel’s approximation method for balanced & unbalanced transportation problems. Optimality Test & obtaining of optimal solution. (Considering per unit transportation cost)
  • Assignment Problem – Hungarian method.
  • Statement of Transportation & Assignment Problems as L.P. Problems.


Unit III : Network Analysis

  • Construction of Network – Rules & Precautions.
  • C.P.M. & P.E.R.T. Networks. Obtaining of Critical Path. Time estimates for activities. Probability of completion of project. Determination of floats (total, free, independent & interfering) Crashing of Simple Networks.


Unit IV : Decision Theory And Decision Tree

  • Decision Environments – risk & uncertainty, Payoff table, Regret table.
  • Decision making under uncertainty
  • Maximin & Maximax criteria
  • Minimax Regret criterion
  • Laplace criterion
  • Hurwicz criterion
  • Expected Monetary Value criterion.
  • Expected Value of Perfect Information (E.V.P. I.)
  • Expected Opportunity Loss (E.O.L.).
  • Decision Tree, Simple examples
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  1. Kewal 6 years ago

    U saying section 2 will have 3 theory question and 2practical…?
    R u serious…?
    According to past years papers ders no theory in section 2…

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