National seminar on Success story of Indian Economic Growth                    


In the post liberalization era India has emerged as the new economic superpower. The services of reforms in various sectors have contributed for upsurge in the key economic parameters, but still India is a developing country. Lots of others are there in the development of Indian economic growth and keeping this in mind CHANDRABHAN SHARMA COLLEGE had taken the initiative to share the success story of India economic growth and what is the road ahead for India to become the worldwide developed country.

The event was held at Chandrabhan Sharma college auditorium on 10:00 am and 300 + students  attended this seminar. Event was marked with the lightening up of lamp and introduction of all speakers. There were different speakers for 5 interactive sessions.

Economic growth means not the growth in money but it’s a growth showing how industries and textiles can prosper in India. To explain what is the economic growth to the younger audience, the Chief economist of Aditya Birla group DR. AJIT RANADE described how Indian economy growing from 1947 to 2012 in a fluctuating way. He also talks about olden days of earning and today’s earning by quoting “Today’s Children’s starting salary is more than the father’s retirement income”. He also includes the topics in his session like people’s income, inflation, GDP rate; how trade policies are improving the economic growth etc. He also solved some queries asked by students in very friendly manner.

Since 1990, IT sectors were developing in India and nowadays there is more demand for IT field. To explain the importance of IT industries, the CEO of CRITI- user based technology MR. CHINAR DESHPANDEY described the success story of IT industries and how it plays an important role in Indian economic growth since post liberalization with the interactive power point presentation. He also includes the various talks about statistical view of IT sectors in India, reasons of growth success, side effects, latest technology reach. He also shared his personal experience of his life related to IT field with students.

Nowadays, Corporate world is becoming very competitive, for every single opportunity in corporate sector, we need to have extra ordinary skills with lots of hardworking attitude. Keeping this in mind, President & Global Head of Datamatics Global Service Group, DR. CHANDRA MAULI DWIVEDI had taken a lead to share their experiences about corporate world. He had undertaken the talks such as success mantra for bright career to corporate world, datamatics, global career plan, global attribute required for the corporate etc.


The 4th speaker was very ambitious in the field of Entrepreneurship and Capitalist. To share the obstacles which India currently is facing MR. GOPALKRISHNAN RAMCHANDRAN continued with the 4th session. He shared various talks with students like problems in India, how unfair politics and corruption became the obstacles for Indian economic growth etc.

To share the performance of the Indian economic growth, the dean of IBS college DR. MEENAXI DHARIVAL also interacted with the audience to talk about growth process, GDP rate, trade defecate,  Indian Monetary Fund(IMF), foreign investment etc. Dr. Meenaxi Dharival also explained the olden days of industrialization with the reference of great cartoonist R.K.LAKSHMAN’S conceptual paintings on Indian economy and India governement. After the 5th session, the national seminar wound up with the vote of thanks.

Talking about my personal experience, it was good and knowledgeable seminar. Although it ran for 8 hours but still it wasn’t boring. This seminar helped me to change my negative views about Indian economy. The one thing I would like to highlight about this national seminar is the ‘Professional arrangements and good hospitality with good treatment’. Thanks to CHANDRABAHN SHARMA college for arranging the national seminar and giving us opportunity to cover their event as education media partner.

– Yatin Patil

Marketing Manager                                                                                                                                                                                                             

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