OH my GOD!! Logistics!!!!!!!!!


Maximum number of ATKTs in Sem 5 are in Logistics!

It is a very tough paper!

No relevance to industry!


Aren’t these very common initial thoughts about the subject that comes to every TYBMS students mind? Well honestly as stated these are just myths which need to be cleared so that this subject becomes one of the most enjoyable and sort after subject in Sem 5.

A lot of myths and misconceptions would not be solved through my attempt from this post!!!

Logistics is all concerned with the management of all functions that are linked to physical movement of goods from one place to another.  It is one of the most crucial aspects of management in every organization.

Let us try and understand ways to make this subject more interesting and enjoyable.

The paper is divided into 4 units:-

  1. First unit consists of concepts detailed the meaning of logistics and supply chain management, demand forecasting and customer service.
  2. The second unit consists of very simple concepts like transportation, warehousing, material handling and packaging.
  3. The third unit deals in a very important concept of inventory management and information management.
  4. While the fourth unit talks about costing and modern logistical infrastructure.

The first and the third units need to be done well since they carry the maximum weightage for the exams. Also the case study usually encompasses concepts from unit 1 and unit 2.

The subject needs to be studied and taught giving a lot of practical examples instead of just theoretical concepts. That does not mean that a student needs to go out and do projects to know this. Simple application of the concepts in the Indian context would suffice the need. Real life examples of how goods are managed from the time they are purchased till the time they are converted into finished goods and sold need to be understood with examples.

Real life examples help the student understand the concept well and help him to recollect the concept during the exams along with the example. The paper also contains basic numerical on demand forecasting and inventory management.

How many hours per week or per day the student needs to devote for this paper?

Honestly if a student attends college lecture regularly and knows the practical aspect of the subject in real life, a student need not take out time separately to mug up the subject. It is one of the most practical papers in TYBMS curriculum.

An article on how to write the paper and score marks and the analysis of the question paper would be followed soon.

For any further clarifications, students can reach me on 9820779873 or [email protected]


Students, please remove this misconception form your minds that this is a tough paper and required extra coaching and guidance. Honestly practical approach to the paper is more than enough for students to excel in this paper.

A suggested text book for the subject would be Elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management- Vipin Saboo, Vipul Publications. This book contains real life examples and practical approach to the paper in lucid language.


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Education Qualification: BMS- N M College (University Rank Holder) PGDBM- Sydenham College M Com- College topper Mr Vipin Saboo has been associated with the following institutes as a visiting faculty Lords college, Malad Patkar College, Goregoan Saraf college, Malad Dalmia college, Malad St Andrews College, Bandra Wilson College, Grant Road Thakur college, Kandivili L N College, Kandivili N K College, Malad Dhanukar College, Vile Parle St Xaviers College, Marine Lines Shroff College, Kandivili KES College, Khar Mr.Vipin Saboo also has more than 5 years of industry expertise with corporate like CRISIL, Motilal Oswal Investment Banking and Yes Bank. Mr. Saboo has also published a text book on Logistics and Supply Chain Management for TYBMS Students.
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