I passed H. S. C part II examination in ‘A’ Grade and thought of getting admission in B.M.S College. I applied for admission in C.K.T College. After a few days list of successful candidates was pasted on notice board of college and I was among those candidates who were selected. I was allotted Roll number and I was proud of being student of that college. The classes were to start from the list of next month. It means on 1st July.



On the first day I went out for college. I reached the college well before the time. I found myself among smart and active boys & girls. They were the senior students who had arrived early to make first years fools of us. They were looking so professional in uniform of our college. They greeted the new comers with funny remarks. Most of us got nervous and this encouraged them further to laugh at us they teased and ridiculed us.


At 7.50 AM the college peon rang the bell. All the students entered the class room. It was my first day in senior college it was quite new experience for me. Naturally I was excited and waited for the lecturer. But that time one miss was come, we wish her with joy. That miss was head of the B.M.S department. That time I was seat on 2nd bench. She began to call over the roll number. It was quite amusing to hear the boys responding to their roll numbers in different ways. After roll call the lecturer spoke it was about the rules, regulations and environments of the college. He advised us to maintain the discipline in college. After it he told us about the course scheme of B.M.S. After the first lecture there was period of computer, the lecturer of computer also spoke about the discipline and other things like attendance etc. In this way every teacher lectured us on that day about the importance of college education the way we could profit from it. But in every lecture every teacher asking for our introduction & one by one we gave it. In one lecture sir asking one question that “why are you choosing B.M.S.?” That time I was totally confused & I am answering that “I want to be a good manager & I want to improve my communication skill.” That was my first impression on class.


My impressions of the first day at college are still fresh in my memory. I was happy, nervous and excited all at the same time. The word college had been a great attraction to me ever since.

Many times before, I had come to this place with my brother, cousins and friends. Now I was the student of this college. It was a different place for me as before I conceived it to be. Before I saw it out warmly but now I was seeing it very closely, its classes, laboratories, its play ground, its parks and its canteen now belonged to me. I was feeling special attachment for it. It was so because I was its member.


I cannot fully express my ideas and my feelings that rose in me. As I entered the gate of ground wonderful and attractive building of the college experienced a strange kind of joy. Somewhere in my mind there was the hope that college should inspire me to things of higher worth the college would give me knowledge and wisdom and make me good citizen.

Each success depended on me, and third it was the first day that I started studying.

Thank you!

Miss. Sonal bharat kurghode.

C.K.T college panvel.

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Sonal Kurghode

I am Sonal bharat kurghode from C.K.T College panvel, navi Mumbai

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