Mother's - best manager


  “Management is getting work done from people”. But as a management student I wonder is that all management is about. When I chose it as my course and took better understanding of the whole subject what I realized is management is what we all do in our day to day lives. Isn’t it what mothers do, they teach you things from childhood and know the knack of getting things done once you’ve reached your teens.

  In my opinion the best or the most efficient manager are our mother’s. Though they work without pay and with no work timings and our actually doing a self less job but on close observation you all will agree with me and say that our mothers are the best managers.

  Every mother has many things to manage in her household and many relations to take care of. She is the one who manages the expenses, household grocery, needs of the house and family, maintaining the house, keeping everyone’s choices in mind, etc. There are various situations where she has to make difficult decisions and her decision making capability can be blindly trusted. She knows how to perfectly strike a balance. She plays various roles that of a dedicated wife, doting daughter in law, loving mother, etc. Her skills and expertise are unquestionable. One day she is unwell and the house is in a mess. I feel all this makes her the best manager.

  She is simply amazing at time management. One task after another she can juggle effortlessly and tirelessly. One moment she is cooking and the other she may be drying clothes in the next moment you will find her on the phone and the next she may be there standing next to you sorting you out. Time, finance, marketing, human resource she has a specialization in it all. She is not only multitasking but delivering everything without any complain or expectation.

  I would just say we all need to respect her because there stands a woman loving and caring the entire family expecting only love. Sometimes we tend to take her for granted and forget that she is much more than what we are. She is the one who has sacrificed and still continues to do. Before getting mad at her or irritated just remember one thing that it’s her who has brought you wherever you stand today and deserves much more than what she is getting. She is not just a housewife or a mother, she is the world’s best manager and you better not deny that.

 The lessons once learnt are hard to forget so I believe that if we inculcate our mother’s teachings and keep learning in our personal and professional life our life will be happy, content and satisfactory.

– Anjani Nautiyal.

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  1. Thanks a ton Anu ….you made my day.

    • Elizabeth Poojary 6 years ago

      Congratulations dear Anu. This indeed is a tribute to all mothers. God Bless You.

  2. Anjani Nautiyal 6 years ago

    Thank you so much.

  3. Mohnish Singh 6 years ago

    they teach us everything i guess MBA also will be a cup of tea for them

  4. Anjani Nautiyal 6 years ago

    Thank You

  5. Smruti SHETTY 6 years ago

    Very written Anu…

  6. Advait 6 years ago


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