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Our education system resembles the ladder I feel. One step after another right up till we reach our destination with the only slight difference being hardly anyone thinks of their destination before climbing the ladder. Most of us prefer taking one step at a time. We are taught to study well and get good grades. Grades would lead to a better future actually in the real sense pride in society and admission to good college.

Once a student reaches 10th standard he/she is the centre of attraction in the family with love, care, attention being bestowed on him/her. At any cost people want to maximise his/her scores. After 10th people directly remember him/her in 12th since it’s the board fever again. And this time a career decision has to be made merely at the age of 16. Some highly focused and born geniuses knew it right from 13(they are the aakhon ka taara) while others figure it out by 16 some remain confused till the end and are the ones which make frequent trips to career counsellors, no wonder the career of a counsellor is a promising one today.

With a lot of research and difficulty a commerce student takes the plunge of opting for a specialised course like BMS, BAF, BFM, BBI, etc instead of the general BCOM with the sole aim of going for an MBA after graduation. Since MBA until a few years back was a blue eyed course which promised a kick-start to ones career and good packages. It was like a dream course for every commerce student. With recession and the exhaustion of MBA, some MBA’s are jobless… the course had come to a stage of retrospection but however its popularity hasn’t reduced. For every commerce graduate it seemed like an ideal degree to pursue. Most of the people taking up BMS at the graduation level is to pursue MBA.

However, the MBA curriculum and the overall grooming during the course is a turn on for every student. Things change when students realise that the entrance to the MBA course goes through a series of entrance exams which test an individual on these parameters Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability. All hell breaks loose when one enrols in a class and starts preparing for these competitive exams which have a complete different approach than the school and college exams. One exam after another and the hope of clearing or cracking an exam just seems to reduce.

The cut-offs to good institutes are always high and seemingly impossible to reach. Here starts the staunch criticism toward engineering students who seem to have lack of specialisations in their field. Since engineering students have an edge in quant and logic they always are at a benefit. This triggers an anger among the commerce graduates making them question their skills and interest in management stands of no relevance to pursue a masters in management?

After studying the subjects for 3 years and having a keen interest in management BMS or commerce students find it utmost difficult to make it to the best colleges. This brings them to the big question of whether pursuing an MBA degree or not? Since now a days there are many institutes offering MBA but only MBA from a good institute assures a bright career. Most of the students prefer not doing MBA rather than doing it from an unknown institute.


– Anjani Nautiyal

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  1. hemangi 6 years ago

    this article most of your batch mates will agree on.

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