Management Information Systems – A Research Overview

               Management Information Systems (MIS) refers broadly to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments. In order to provide past, present and prediction information, an MIS can include software that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware resources of a system, decision support systems, which enables an organization for smooth functioning. Other names for MIS include IS (Information Services) and IT (Information Technology)

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a general name for the academic discipline covering the application of information technology to support the major functions and activities of either a private sector business or public sector institution. In business, information systems support the process of collection, manipulation, storage, distribution and utilization of an organization’s information resources, business processes and operations. As an area of study it is also referred to as information technology management.

The study of information systems is usually a commerce and business administration discipline, and frequently involves software engineering, but also distinguishes itself by concentrating on the integration of computer systems with the aims of the organization. The area of study should not be confused with computer science which is more theoretical in nature and deals mainly with software creation, but which focuses more on the design of computer hardware.

Management Information Systems are not just statistics and data analysis, but also assessment of human capabilities. They have to be used as an MBO—Management by Objectives–tool. They help to establish relevant and measurable objectives; monitor results and performances (reach ratios) and send alerts to managers at each level of the organization, on all deviations between results and pre-established objectives and budgets. The majority of information systems are created for, and operated by, people in functional areas (e.g., manufacturing, human resources, accounting, finance and marketing).

MIS professionals must possess a combination of business and technical knowledge to develop information systems that address the needs of the organization. They must comprehend organizational structures, objectives, operations including processes and the flows of data between processes and the financial connotations related to these factors. An MIS professional should interrelate effectively with users and design systems that would support their needs.

MIS managers and professionals should keep themselves updated with evolving information technologies. They should have a solid foundation of technical skills to select appropriate technologies and to implement computer-based information systems. Thus, MIS people must be well versed in topics such as systems development tools and techniques, information architecture, network configurations, databases, and systems integration. They should know, how to use the system. This could be done with proper training.

Administrators, supervisors and managers need information, but they are often overloaded with data. Management Information Systems sustain these piles of data into comprehensible and concise descriptions and patterns of performance. Information systems are not just technological facilities – such as databases. They include methods of pondering about your organization that will aid in approaching issues more effectively and efficiently.

                Management information systems make use of resources that would assist in understanding and making better decisions about the mechanical and personal sides of information systems.

– Sahil Jaria

Content Writer

(SIES College Sion West)

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