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All have heard about this renowned verse, “Time and Tide waits for no one. “ All this simply mean is that, time is one of the most precious gift man is being awarded with. Time is one of the most important factors of human being in each and every stage of his life. No one ever can escape from the clutches of time. All he has to do is run according to the time therefore it is good for him/her to make the best possible use of available time to develop one’s skills, performance, etc. without wasting it. Once if u wastes the time, you will be regretting it for the whole of your future life.


No doubt, that time plays an important role in everyone’s life but it has its greater impact on the life of the students. While the person is educating i.e. student he must utilize his time in developing good manners, healthy /hygienic habits, take in moral values and basic ideals. As these formative years are, consider as the most crucial ones in life period of the human being. During teenage, human mind has the quality of flexibility, to learn new things, adoptability, to formulate definite ideas and views about major issues and life itself.

Student’s life can also be said as one of the best period to test one’s time management skills. As they have to divide their time broadly between studies, recreation and basic personal chaos. No matter how many guides or counselors they may have. After all, they have to be the judge of their own in managing the time.

Tips in managing time:-

Primarily make a permanent schedule and chalk out your planned activities during the entire day.

Do not make the schedule watertight i.e. allow some extra time before and after some activity.

Plan the schedule in such a manner that unforeseen constraints like power cuts, urgent work, floods, riots, etc.

While studying seriously makes sure that your phones are, switch off and sit in a place where there is least disturbance.

Try clubbing multiple jobs together for e.g. listen to music while you are polishing the shoes, packing bags, while showering, etc. by doing such you can deduct the wastage of time

Devote some time for recreation, physical fitness or sports.

Eat proper food at proper time.

Make sure that you plan your schedule accordingly that you get at least 5-6 hours of sleep daily.

Assign a deadline for any work you do. In addition, make sure you work on completing the work before or on time. This will make you systematic.

Sometime you may have to travel a distance alone. During such time, carry a piece of written notes or points through which you can recollect or revise your studies done earlier.

Everything has a time to do. Just plan it accordingly and work on it. Surely, you will attain success.

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).

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Muthu Konar

a proud BMSite from V.k.krishna menon college, bhandup (E).


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