In the 16th Lok Sabha Elections, BJP i.e. Narendra Modi has won from Vadodara and Varanasi and “Is Baar Modi Sarkar”. Social media has gone crazy by mocking Rahul and Kejriwal who have failed to make a mark in this election season.

Here we present our collection of articles on Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Funniest Photos, Trolls, Facebook Status, Tweets, WhatsApp Messages:

  1. Old slogan : dudh mangoge to khir denge or kashmir maangoge to chir denge, New slogan : na dudh denge na khir denge agar kashmir manga to sala laahor bhi chin lenge. Kyuki is baar  No Silent Sardar Ab ki baar Modi sarkaar..
  2. Urgent Update – Pakistan declares On GeoTv –  we don’t want Kashmir now…but we will not give karachi.
  3. On a lighter note… the 2014 election has proved one thing…. that a Gujju can do anything to get US visa!!
  4. Both BJP and Congress are leading. BJP leading towards Delhi, and Congress towards Italy 😉
  5. १७ मई को हिंदी अखबारों की हैडलाइन:- “मोदी की आंधी में उड़ गए गाँधी”
  6. Finally, the bizarre is over and here goes the awards for different category.
    Best Actor- Arvind Kejriwal
    Best Debut child actor- Rahul Gandhi
    Best female actor in supporting role- Mamta Banerjee
    Best female actor in negative role- Sonia Gandhi
    Best actor in Romantic role- Digvijay Singh
    Life time achievement award-Lal Krishna Advani
    Movie of the year-Abki baar Modi Sarkar
    Its heard that Anurag Basu has approached Manmohan Singh for “Barfi 2”.


Lok Sabha General Elections:

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  6. Celebrities entering Politics, a recipe for DISASTER?
  7. A career in Politics? Indeed!
  8. Women in politics- empowerment or tokenism?


Narendra Modi / BJP:

  1. Top 100 MindBlowing Funny Hilarious “AB KI BAAR MODI SARKAR” Images, Jokes, Memes For Facebook And WhatsApp
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  14. Top 5 reasons why Namo should be our future Prime Minister
  15. BJP Manifesto 2014 Keypoints
  16. Frankly Speaking With Narendra Modi @ Times Now
  17. All about India: All about Narendra Modi.
  18. Biggest Interview of 2014 : Read Here Full Interview of Narendra Modi With Rajat Sharma In Aap Ki Adaalat
  19. Top 13 Serious Questions of BJP Unanswered By Robert Vadra


Congress / Rahul Gandhi:

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  12. Comedy Nights With Rahul Gandhi : Best 20 Hilarious Jokes #RahulSpeaksToArnab Going Viral On Twitter
  13. Biggest Political Interview Of The Year 2014 – Full Text And Video Of Rahul Gandhi Interview With Arnab Goswami
  14. 6 Hilarious Tweets on Sonia Gandhi’s massive rally in Andhra Pradesh



AAP / Arvind Kejriwal:

  1. Top 5 Arvind Kejriwal Jokes Going Viral On Twitter And Facebook
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  5. Twitter Explodes With Entertaining Reactions To Arvind Kejriwal Being Slapped Again
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  8. Top 15 Political And Social Issues Discussed By Arvind Kejriwal In Delhi Assembly
  9. Is the resignation of Delhi CM justified?
  10. All about India: All you needed to Know about ‘Arvind Kejriwal’
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