Living Life without Regrets


Well, the thought always comes to our mind when we take a certain action in our life and we start regretting about it later. Be it taking admission to a certain college, choice of a job or marrying someone due to pressure. There are many things in life which we most of the times regret and can’t help it but to pay for it by accepting it.

Yes, life without regrets can never be possible as we are humans but surely it can be minimized to the least possible extent by thinking and taking decisions which we do not need to worry about later. A student who wants to take medical but chooses to be an engineer due to his parents or for that matter other reasons like finance etc, regrets later after years thinking if he had given it a constant thought, then his life would have been completely different. An employee who regrets working for a wrong firm, after quitting regrets the time he has wasted. But what we forget is that these are learning experience that we gain as the time progresses. These are meant to happen and till the time we don’t repeat our mistakes, regrets can be kept for future purposes.

There are going to be regrets at every point in time of life.

The only possible ways is to remain upbeat and not look at the doors that have been long closed.

Some fundamental ways to have no regrets in life though as per me are:

1. Talk as much as you can with your parents and siblings because that is one regret most of us have as we proceed ahead in life.

2. Enjoy talking to your loved ones and relatives. They have been as instrumental in nourishing your childhood as much as anybody else.

3. Take a chance and avoid your ego. Open up and talk to your best friends because friends are the best relationship that you make outside of your family and that teaches you the most in life.

4. Learn to say thank you and sorry. At the end of the day, you will feel good about yourself and the world you live in.

5. Maintain a journal or a personal timeline of everyday activities. It helps you realize the correct or incorrect path you are traversing in life and also help what to do tomorrow to avoid the regrets you still had today.

6. Maintain a healthy work environment for yourself if not for anybody else. That is one of the biggest regrets of humans.

7. Learn to say “No”. Most regrets stem because of the wrong yes at the wrong place at the wrong times.

You can’t change the past.
There’s no use crying over spilled milk.
Focus on learning and improvement and avoid repeating past mistakes.
Use the past as a reference only.
Regret solves nothing and gains you nothing.
It’s usually just a form of self-pity.

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Visshal T Sawant
Masters in Human Resources with 3 years+ of experience in HR. Currently working with Capgemini as an HR Business Partner. Contributing to other's success is a small medium to educate people about our knowledge. Let's be a part of other's successful journey & make them Happy. Inspire & Grow !!!


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