As I had earlier mentioned that I love tea, well, I was having a steaming hot cup of tea, sitting in my balcony while watching the down pour from the heavenly dark skies. As the cold breeze was passing by me, I started to shiver a bit, thereby warming my palms to the hot cup. As a matter of fact, I like to read some interesting palpabilities and I happened to come across one which immediately grabbed my eye balls. And guess what? It was about my favourite beverage- TEA!!! As I was still sipping on to my hot pot of tea, I decided to read on the material and enlighten myself on this divine drink. I would certainly like to share some of those with you guys.

So if you are a tea lover, spare some precious time of yours and read on to this piece. Grabbing a nice quiet place with a hot cup of tea would be even much better.

1. Astrotea- Do you believe in astrology? Well, if not then you can still give it a try at your home, all by yourself. The bewildering fact is that the tea leaves can help predict our future. Make sure that you leave behind some amount of tea in the cup along with some tea leaves. Stir this mixture three times, the pattern that is left behind beholds your future. Unbelievable? There are tea readers in Asia with the same respect as of the astrologers. I am sure to give it a try. Let us know your future too.

2. Camellia Sinensis- All the varieties of tea that you have heard or read of come from the single plant called- Camellia Sinensis.

3. Elevenses- It is quiet common in England to take a break at 11 o’clock in the morning in order to stay alert, with a cup of tea and some cup cakes. So, if your building watchman has the tendency to doze off while on duty, you now surely know what to do.

4. Gin- Cold tea has the ability to convert in to a summer cold drink if fused with gin and a little lemon rind. Tea was replaced by gin as the drink of the masses and became the national beverage of England in the 1700s. You now have a solution for your alcohol addiction.

5. Hot or Cold- Who said that tea can only be had as a hot beverage? Well yes if it is cold out there or pouring, it acts as a stimulant for giving our chilling bodies an instant warmth and kick start. But when it is scorching hot outside, cold tea is the way to go. During the summers, I prefer to hang out with my friends at my nearest Café Coffee Day outlet and enjoying a glass of Lipton Ice Tea.


6. Mosquitoes- Did you know that tea leaves are a natural way of keeping the mosquitoes away? You must try this if you have mosquitoes breeding in your area. You just need to slightly damp the tea leaves to add the scent of the tea to the areas of your body that you want to keep mosquito-free. I never knew that tea could be used in such a way!

7. Five in one- I will give you 5 reasons to not look down up on this wonderful beverage. People have known that tea can only be used to refresh themselves, in the mornings, after a long tiring day at work or even to stay awake late nights. But to our surprise, tea has some other uses also. I give to you some mind boggling facts of how tea can help us in our daily lives.

   a) If your dad cuts his chin while shaving, you can help stop the bleeding by applying tea as     an instant first aid.

   b) After a long tiring day at work or college, as you reach home and pull off those shoes from your feet- God bless everyone around the stinking stale smell of your feet. Adding tea to your foot bath would save you from further embarrassment.

   c) If you are a meat lover, tea will help you to marinate the meat well, giving it a fantastic taste.

   d) You can also put the tea leaves in your rose plant as a natural fertilizer. You will soon be assured of some good quality roses springing out of the stems.

   e) Ahh! You might not like this, but tea can also be used as a floor cleaner in your house. Now you can tell your mom how to remove those stains from your floor tiles.


8. Quotes- There is a famous quote on tea, coined by Eleanor Roosevelt. “Women are like tea bags. They don’t know how strong they are until they get in to hot water.”

9. Theanine- The only way to cut down your caffeine addiction is to start sipping on to tea. Tea leaves contain ‘Theanine’, an antioxidant equivalent of caffeine which is found in coffee. But tea contains about less than half of the caffeine that is found in coffee.

10. Vitamins- Tea as a natural antioxidant contains a plethora of vitamins such as B1, B2, and B6. It is also abundant in potassium, manganese, folic acid and calcium. If you want to stay up late night for a project, tea is the solution to keep you away from dozing off.

– Urvashi Shah

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