Is Text / SMS Language Destroying English- YES Or NO?


SMS Language


With the advent of cell phones and internet came the use of shorthand or commonly called SMS language that has irreversibly changed the English language. Sending and receiving text messages rather than calls has become a medium of choice among cell phone users. Youngsters are more prone to texting and chatting online and often make use of SLANG. The pace at which messaging takes place among people giving maximum amount of exercise to the fingers and eyes, it is likely to make mistakes and write short hand for faster communication.

As we all know some slang as we call it or abbreviations are become a common practice such as LOL which stands for laugh out loud and even lots of love at times, OMG for oh! My God, Plz for ‘please’, LY for ‘love you’, TTYL for ‘talk to you later’, BRB stands for ‘be right back’ and BTW for ‘by the way’. And also short hands like ni8, abt, dat, gr8, and lots more. Everyone have their own short hands and the process of breaking words up sometime makes it completely impossible to read those short hand post on Facebook or twitter.

 The craziness of SMS language is shifting from texting to personal communication. You can actually see people mostly teens just saying LOL instead of actually laughing out loud. It was once trendy to try to speak like people wrote but now we can write quick enough that our teens are skilfully doing it. This means teens are language innovators.

If you look at the current education statistics the text messages is completely devastating the English language. Constant use of text language is leading to damage of the English language which is seen among students who find it hard to spell some basic spellings. Average schoolchild struggles with spelling and grammar which is essential for effective communication. SMS language is promoting misspelling. Often even I at times forget the spelling of words like have and even, due to use of short hands.

So the question arises here is SMS language good or bad? Language is not a static thing, it is subject to variations. It has evolved and changed through ages being the reflections of that particular society. Change is the part of living and the society warmly welcomes change. One cannot expect the English language to remain the same throughout. Linguists say that far from destroying the language it is innovating and enhancing it making it fascinating.

 But it’s also not appropriate to mix SMS language and English as English is a beautiful language that does not deserve to be overshadowed by a common texting language. One should know when to use slang words and when not.

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Daisy Pais


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