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The article gives a picture of both Managerial method of performing a business and Non-Managerial process of conducting a business. It clearly outlines the advantages and disadvantages of both the process. Author Gary Hamel believes that self management system is no longer a dream in a business; Morning star is a living example. Founded in 1970 with takings of around 700$million a year runs without a boss, employees of the organization negotiate responsibilities with their peers, everyone has the authority to draw firm’s money, each person is responsible for acquiring the tools to do his or her work, the system lacks titles and it finally conducts promotions where decisions are purely peer based. The Author is not biased he understands both the forms well and therefore uncovers that it is similar to a two sided coin, they have their advantages and at the same time disadvantages along. Making it clear that no system made is completely beneficial, a leader will always face risks at some point in its working.


Opinion and critical thinking

Creativity does have a reputation for being magical,” says HBS professor Teresa Amabile. “One myth is that it’s associated with the particular personality or genius of a person—and in fact, creativity does depend to some extent on the intelligence, expertise, talent, and experience of an individual. Of course it does. But it also depends on creative thinking as a skill that involves qualities such as the propensity to take risks and to turn a problem on its head to get a new perspective. That can be learned.”

The desire to do something because you find it deeply satisfying and personally challenging inspires the highest levels of creativity, whether it’s in the arts, sciences, or business,” she says.

People are use to working under strict managerial practices. Creativity is only a part of the procedure. Business and the individuals working in businesses are divided with prime motive to get the work done more effectively, accurately and with cent percent results. Customers at the end of the day are not bothered how it is performed, product is vital for them. This point is clearly mentioned in the article.

At some point the risk and pressure is definitely high in performing self management practice in an organization, irrespective of the firm being large or small.

The idea to work without managers is excellent but the point of difference arises when one finds that how many of us are ready to take responsibility for our doing. How many of us are managers for ourselves and can fairly evaluate our performance and invite criticisms. If at all, one says that yes we are capable of judging ourselves rightly, as an employee for an organization none would risk jobs like the entrepreneur does for his organization. Dedication comes only when an individual is profited to a great extent. Therefore dedication comes in as a secondary element to loyalty. One of the class mates in our class recently put out this point that she worked as was told by her manager irrespective of the outcome was good or bad, the blame was that the manager told her to do so. Here, the employee didn’t risk to take the blame as it would effect her job this is just an example but it is practically followed everywhere even in our day to day life. This is simply because everyone wants to be recognized and looked upon in a good way, a position a status all matters so the managerial concept is the best way to be coupled up with creativity and not jus creativity with self management. Morning star employees practice self-management because they have too, like in other organizations where they have to follow the given system. It is stated in the article that one finds it difficult to adjust to this practice of self management it takes a year or two which is a long time and if the employee is not successful during this duration it’s a huge loss. Whereas, this is not the case in a structured organization it does not take this long and every one adjusts quickly as this system seems naturally to be ingrained in them.

All Morning star company does is jus the part of creativity, fostering a positive inner work life, this can be as easy or difficult. To conclude with the words of Amabile again: Support employees’ progress in their work every day. Set clear and meaningful goals for them; provide direct help, versus hindrance; offer adequate resources and time; respond to successes and failures by drawing on the experience as a learning opportunity, not just a moment to praise or reprimand; and establish a culture where people are treated with respect.

If thought well Professors words are practiced even in structured organization.


Practical application

Every business could be compared to every different child. Both grow constantly and the right input at the right time has its outcome in its own best or worst way. Sean low in his article of parenthood and creative business says few points that are useful for understanding business and our child as they both are no different. Business is flexible what lasts today won’t last tomorrow, a child may possibly sleep well this week; however don’t be assured these will be the same next week too. Everybody has an opinion towards whatever you want to do. They believe that what worked for them would work for you as well and that is why we look forward towards experienced senior employees, however one has to chart his own way of working it out by taking into consideration all the views in organization. Every child in this world is different so is every creative business.

Consistency in an organization matters as much as flexibility. Employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers all strive for healthy boundaries. Understanding failures and not loosing hope but getting joy from the mess we have done as our past is future steps towards success. It’s like a parent, its hard and messy you will fail miserably one day everybody does, don’t give up rock it to the next. Nobody’s perfect.  Then again perfect is boring.  Success is how well you can navigate each day.



Morning star is possibly the best example for successful running of a creatively managed organization. The drawbacks are not many but more risky than structured business at the same time the advantages of having such highly motivated self managed employees gives the leader ease to one point that his employees believe what he believes which is very important and has the capability to do anything. Constant pressure and risks are a part in the package of running business in both forms.

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Adelyne Britto

I am a BMS graduate from Mumbai University. Currently enrolled for the MBA program in Tourism from James Cook University (Australia). I Am a fast learner and hardworking individual. I love to work with people from different backgrounds and Culture. Aspiring to be successful Manager in an organization in near future.

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Adelyne Britto
I am a BMS graduate from Mumbai University. Currently enrolled for the MBA program in Tourism from James Cook University (Australia). I Am a fast learner and hardworking individual. I love to work with people from different backgrounds and Culture. Aspiring to be successful Manager in an organization in near future.


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