If I Ran The World



‘IF I RAN THE WORLD…’I always wonder what it would be like. It is like one of those thoughts that cross our minds, like why do some movies have an unlinked script or why do some singer’s sing when they do not have proper lyrics in place. But, what I mean, is whenever you listen to the news on TV or on the radio about  an epidemic striking the world or another war taking place, don’t you feel like you could probably do a better job taking care of the earth?

In the current world scenario, every individual who wants to be a president or prime minister of a country has only one goal and that is to rule the country or the world for money and power. They do not think about the poor neither do they think about proper development of a nation and the world as a whole which shows how the world has rulers who are self-centred and selfish.

Today, everywhere around the world there is something terrible happening such as a war in Afghanistan or cutting down of some precious forests. If I ran the world, I would change the mountains to chocolate and the trees to candies. All joking aside, if I were to run the world, there are four things in particular that I would like to change: The hatred among different religions of the world, Freedom of speech, equality to all and the concept of power of money from the minds of people. There are in total 195 countries and about 4300 religions in the world. These numbers show how diverse each nation is or in other words how diverse our mother earth is! People today, have hatred towards each other’s religions. For example: The Muslims and the Hindus hate each other due to some past relations or instances which have made them to do so. If all the religions stand together and fight for their rights, work with each other with a positive attitude, Earth would really become a wonderful place to live in. If I ran the world, I would cultivate the thought among all religions and creed that every individual is the same and they just follow different cultures. This would prove best for our world to grow in unity.

‘Speech’ is a very essential term which allows each and every individual in the world to put forward their thoughts related to any subject. Many countries have a right to freedom to speech but it is not implemented in reality. For example: In India, A girl wrote something against a political party on Facebook and it had gone viral. After some days she is said to be a criminal as she just posted her opinion about a party. This shows that ‘The right to freedom of speech’ is not really taken into consideration in India, which is sad. On the other hand, If I was the ruler; I would allow every person to put up their opinions and suggestions freely. This would also make the people believe in the society. So, Freedom of speech would be given to all whether a doctor, lawyer, businessman etc.

Treating every individual equally plays a very crucial role for a ruler. If I were to run the world, I would treat every individual equal. Equal in terms of Men and Women or in terms of Rich and Poor. Women should have the same rights as the Men. They should be educated and also be allowed to work in different fields or subjects. Being a girl myself, I would feel proud to see women working for the society on a large scale because they are the people who nourish their families. I would see to it that all the women are educated and are given respect in the society. The poor should also be given an equal right to education and career. As a ruler, I would also see to it that the poor to have their children educated and they too have jobs. The world cannot depend only on the rich; the poor people too play a very essential role in the whole environment. I would make special schemes, build good schools for the poor and also provide these schools with good teachers. If the poor people are educated then only the world can move ahead.

Today, MONEY plays a very crucial role in every individual’s life. Every person has only one goal in life, and that goal is to earn money. Earn in a criminal way or for that matter cheat other’s living in the society. Money does not rule the world, happiness rules the world. I would inculcate the concept of earning happiness rather than money into individuals. Due to the greed for money; relations are broken, between nations, families, and friends this leads to loss of happiness among people. I would make people understand the importance of happiness in one’s life and also what brings real meaning to their lives.

Lastly, saying that I would do these things if I were to run this world is easier than really implementing them. But, if given a chance I would try and make this world beautiful for aliens to live or experiment in. Jokes aside, if I were to run this world really, I would see to it that each individual is happy in whatever he/she does and also has respect for each other or even for that matter each other’s  life. For me, all the citizens of the world are the rulers and not only the president or the prime minister. I would just want to be a guiding light for the world and not impose thoughts on people which do no good for me as a ruler and neither for the people of the world as citizens.





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Vanita Godwani
Hello, Vanita Godwani, a fybms student of Jaihind College,Mumbai..my hobbies are drawing and helping needy people.I loved being a social media correspondent at www.BMS.co.in .I am interested in pursuing by post graduation and later work in a multinational company being a honest and good high post official


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