I am an Indian – Should I be Proud or Ashamed?

 India – My Country, Our Country. India as known is a democratic country. Every one has a Personal Right. But these right are being misused by various people mainly the Politicians. Our Democratic government system says “to the people, by the people, for the people” while the people/politicians have made a few amendments to it, it goes as “fool the people, cheat the people, rob the people.”
To be frank enough, I am proud to be India because we unlike other countries have great respect for elders, teachers, parents. We’ve got various festivals, our diverse culture, N number of traditions and customs. The language in our country changes at every 5-15 Kilometers. I mean isn’t it great. But! We’ve got termites which is making everything hollow. By me saying TERMITES, I hope you all would have understood what I meant to say. Yeah! I meant this Corruption and those Corrupt Politicians.
On one hand where I am proud to be a Part of India, at the same time this Corruption and these Corrupt Politicians bring me Shame. When is this thing going to end? Will the Common man ever wake up. And the most typical part of us Indians is when a man stands up against this, there are three others who pull him down. I truly wish to do something that would help in making a better corruption free India, but don’t what i can do, because I’ll have to pay for that thing as well.
The most interesting thing is as you GOOGLE “corruption” you also find a Wikipedia Content named “Corruption in India.” We once were in the 50’s in the list of Corrupted countries and now due to the blessings of the Corrupt people we are in the top.
India badnaam ho raha hai, is Corruption k deemakh k wajah se.
Now what should i be- Proud as i live in India or ashamed as its a Corrupted country?
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Ganesh Kamath

Hello, this is Ganesh Kamath. I am a TYBMS student. I am a friendly guy, love to make new friends. I love being simple and realistic. Here to share to my views and to learn more about the outside world. I hope and except you help me with this. 🙂

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  1. Ankit Merchant 8 years ago

    Corruption starts with you and me..its in our blood..to eradicate this virus i see one and only one solution “Patriotism”. Only this tool can help us…

  2. Author
    Ganesh Kamath 8 years ago

    Ahhhh!!! Patriotism……. may be….
    Yeah! to a large extent, Patriotism may help but brother but that was the time during Gandhi’s and Nehru’s who had the Patriotism feeling, the feeling of doing something for the country meant a lot… today is a time where a man can kill his own family members for money….

    Indirectly Now money comes first brother…… money became a Priority now…

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