It has been very few years for the mankind on the universe but he still wants to capture everything by being the king of all and blame everything on others. His selfish attitude lead to destruction of ‘HUMANITY’.

‘Man is the most insane species he worships an INVISIBLE GOD and don’t help a VISIBLE PERSON unaware that they both are created by GOD to whom he is worshiping.

From a survey it is known if the people start giving RIGHT OF WAY to ambulance then out of 10 critical conditions all 10 lives can be saved. Wow! it means if we start giving  RIGHT OF WAY to ambulance our country’s preventable death ratio will fall. But do you all think that we obey our duty as a human being? The answer is NO. Whenever we see ambulance on road we never give RIGHT TO WAY nor try even if emergency siren is on. We forget about the person’s life who is fighting for its last breath as he might be the one who earns bread and butter for his family. We often say that we are busy due to work, family matters, frustration of long hours of work, government taxes….blah..blah..and d list continues..! We are so smart we blame others and try to escape ourselves.

“How do we change the world? One random of kindness at a time”

We often criticize government that they are not governing our country well, increasing taxes, corruption, licenses! Do we are perfect enough to criticize others? We often say that we want to change the world but there is a huge difference between wanting to change and being willing to change. Almost everyone wants to change for the better, very few are willing to take the steps necessary to create that change. So we should take the step to create the change even if we are alone and not in crowd.

We don’t give side to ambulance by saying it’s just a AMBULANCE but if you think there is a life of a person and on his life depends his family life even after you don’t give RIGHT TO WAY then I have no words so I will only request if next time you see any ambulance please atleast give it the right of way. Nobody is accepting more from you. India has highest no. of preventable death due to delay of ambulance.95% of heart attack people do not call ambulance due to its delay. Why do we forget that the person in ambulance may be our friend, relative or loved ones. Imagine if we are in ambulance lying on that bed fighting for our last breath And no one is giving way to your ambulance then how will you feel? Then why don’t we feel the same when the other person in the ambulance seeking just right of way so that they can survive.

If the person die due to our selfish attitude then who should be blamed?



#Or Us?

No law or order can bring the change until we change ourselves.

We pass to be Doctor, Engineer, Scientistbt fail to be a HUMAN!







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