Love is friendship set to music but what if you have to choose between love and friendship. You are in a tight spot and don’t know what to do. It’s a very harrowing situation and there is no escape route. Choosing between the 2 people who are the closest for you can really be a tricky situation but wait a minute why should you choose; you love them both and want them both. And you deserve every chance to try and keep them both.

Things work out for those whose best friend and boyfriend gets along like house on fire, but sadly they miss out on a wonderful yet troublesome experience. For all those who can relate to what I am saying, I know the days are tough but as they say when the going gets tough the tough get going. Since you are the one who is holding on to both the strands it’s your duty to work it out as your situation is the most complex. Communication is the key mantra here. You need to effectively communicate with both of them so that none of them get insecure about their importance in your life. They both hold special place in your heart and you need to make each of them understand that. Lack of communication will only make things miserable for you.

You need to give space and also have your space. Poking your nose too much won’t do you good. Spend collective time with both of them so that they get a better understanding of one another and also individually with them so that there is no personal time compromised and wont hamper either of the relations. Talk about your friend to your boyfriend and vice versa but never overdo it and do not spill out secrets. Whatever your rapport is with each of them it is your personal equation and it would be wrong on your part to spill the beans. Never get carried away by either of the relations and ignore the other.

Whether you have newly stepped into a relationship or have made a new best friend. It is your duty to maintain both of them. You need to get your priorities right from the beginning and have the courage to take a stand either for your friend or boyfriend. Never have blind faith in either of them and always try to see a situation from both perspectives. They are the people who love you the most after your family so I would say ‘handle with care’.


– Anjani M Nautiyal


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