Kid: Did you see me before I was born?
Mom: No
Kid: Then, After I was born how did you know it was me??
When these type of Kids grow up, they become ‘External VIVA Examiner’ :/ 


Jokes apart, As your Projects Viva Exams are starting from tomorrow, Team connected with the BMS Alumni who had an experience of handling the Head-Ache of all BMS semesters – External viva examination! We got in touch with 3 BMS Alumni from different colleges who shared their insights on how to crack the vivas and what are the frequently asked questions.


First, we connected with Jatin Gala, BMS Alumni of Chinai College.

This is how the conversation went on:

BMS Team – Hi Jatin, wassup? Do you remember how was your viva?

Jatin – Well, it was 1.5 years ago. I remember I had got ‘O’ grade in viva.

BMS Team – Kya baat! Toh chalo, give us tips to crack the viva exams.  TYBMS students require your help for cracking their viva examinations.


  • Be yourself!
  • Forget what is written in your book.
  • Say what you want to say. Don’t bluff.
  • Take command in your hands rather than your examiner.
  • First question will be always “Tell me about your project and why you chose it?!”
  • Only advice is “Go without fear and be bindaas yaar!

Never quit, reinvent yourself, change, grow, learn from your mistakes. Never listen to the critics. Be loud, be fearless, and go for it!

Secondly, we got in touch with Harshal N Shroff, BMS Alumni of Dalmia College who is currently doing Post Graduation in Advertising and working as Freelance Photographer.


  • Know your topic
  •  Know the current status of your topic.
  • Do a brief study on the macro-factors of your topic.
  • If you don’t know say – You are not aware of it
  • Frequently Asked Question is “Why the topic?
  • Being yourself and not panicking is the key and knowing your project IN-OUT will help
  • And be open to have a debate if the teacher wants to. Don’t shy away.


Thirdly, we connected with Jay Ravasa, BMS Alumni of SIES College who is currently doing MMS and studying in Sem 4.

Jay Ravasa –

  • Actually Viva’s are strategic conversation with a purpose.
  • Your goal is to persuade the Professor that you have the Efficient Communication skills, background Overall Knowledge in almost Every Field and that you can comfortably talk about it
  • What I Recommend to everyone is
  1.  Talk upto the Point
  2.  Keep it Simple
  3.  Don’t Bore that Examiner
  4.  Make it short & Simple
  5.  Keep your praise & observations credible & realistic 
  •  Student should be positive in saying, “I don’t know the Answer Rather Than Bluffing on. Talk about your strengths & the Topics which you are more comfortable with.
  • Communication is the key skill.
  •  Answer questions directly and Elaborate with examples
  • Dress appropriately on the side of being conservative to show you take the viva seriously. Your personal grooming and cleanliness should be impeccable.
  •  They will ask the Method of Research
  • Why you selected this topic. For that student need to be aware about Facts & Figures mentioned in BLACK BOOK. They might flip the page and ask Any Questions 
  • Make sure you don’t bluff and avoid adding facts & figure
  • If you have added any figures, then byheart them. 


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