As humans with a tongue without bone that moves anywhere, Is it possible to keep its shut? When you attend social gatherings is it possible to go without talking? What is it in the party that adds life to the party? It is the gossips and both Men and Women equally gossip? When women talk it is gossip and when Men talk it is discussion that is the only difference (winks) In other words there is no life in the party if there is nothing to talk and bitch about, isn’t it ?

So what is the major topic nowadays? Yes it is that which like a termite has entered in all the sections of the society and is in a process making it hollow day by day. It is corruption that is become a Monster for the citizens of our country and friend to Government and Officials. There is not a single work that is not done without any kind of corruption. It is just that every person gives different names to it.

Corruption is not only affecting the people those who are alive but also those who are dead. If a person dies with an accident just to get the body you got to give some kind of bribe to get the dead body. It doesn’t stop there to get the death certificate and other gift ahs to be paid to the official in charge.

Corruption is become a trendy topic in parties because you topic about very simple things like food also connects with corruption. The prices of vegetables they are turning equal to prices of Gold. Why because people sitting at high post want to either eat or hoard stuffs which lead to increase in prices. Even if people don’t’ want to talk about corruption they talk bout anything else will finally connect them to corruption. Women talk about Gold, Clothes and maybe beauty products…In all of these topics there is either high prices or adulteration which finally gets everybody to the main topic….Corruption.

If we talk about Men they talk about business, Share Markets and so on…wherein there also money comes in picture and money means corruption comes free…So corruption is become a fad at parties.

Being citizens on our part to discuss and gossip on good topics we should avoid corruption on our part and select our Government wisely that brings in a candidates that are not corrupt and work towards making India No. 1 nation in all spheres of life.


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