These guidelines are designed to help management improve their skills in communicating so as not only avoid any barriers to effective communication, but also to strengthen the basis for optimum results which depend upon the clear understanding of the desired communication.



The Ideas and Messages should be Clear, Brief and Precise

The ideas to be communicated must be well planned and clearly identified. This will eliminate ambiguity so that the message will not be subject to more than one interpretation. The message must be clear, precise and to the point and free from distortions and noise. It should also be brief so that only necessary and sufficients meanings are provided.


Sense of Timing

The message should not only be timely so that the decisions and actions can be taken in tie and when necessary, but also the timing of the message and the environmental setting in which the message is delivered and received is equally important.


The communication must pass through the proper channels to reach the intended receiver. The communication flow and its spread must avoid bypassing levels or people. When these concerned levels are omitted or bypassed, it creates bickering, distrust, confusion and conflict. Accordingly, the established channels must be used as required.

Consult with others who are involved in Planning the Communication

If people have participated in the planning process, they would be highly motivated to give active support to such communication. The people who are concerned must know exactly what they need and when they need the communication.

Consider the Receiver’s Interest

Take the receivers interests into account, and then the receiver will be more responsive to the communication. The management must clarify any part of the communication that may be necessary and must encourage comments, questions, and feedback. The management must always be helpful in carrying out the intended message of the communication.


Mode of Delivery

While delivering the communication, avoid negative statements like, “I am not sure it will work”, but be confident and definitive. The success of the communication also depends upon the tone of the voice if the communication is verbal, expressions and emotions exhibited, attentiveness to the receiver and so on. The written communication should be polite and unambiguous.


Use proper Follow-up

All communications need a follow-up to ensure that these were properly understood and carried out. The response and feedback to the communication should determine whether the action to the communication has been prompt, appropriate and accurate.


Communication should be Comprehensive

Communication should be complete so as not only to meet the present demands. It should also fee based on future needs of the organization as well as individuals.

Recently, the nature of managerial and organizational communication has changed dramatically, mainly because of break through of the electronic technology and advent of computers. Now cellular phones, E-Mail and Internet have made the communication quick and convenient. It is now even possible for managers from different cities to meet by teleconferencing method without leaving their offices. At the same time, psychologists are beginning to discover some problems associates with these new advances in communication.

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